Leica X2 firmware update

Is now available here.

High ISO performance and ‘general operation’ are listed as improvements; though I think the X2 is frankly the camera that requires the least firmware improvement in the line…still, it’ll make a good thing even better. MT


  1. Terry Baker says:

    Ming, Which do you prefer: Leica X2 or Olympus OM-D? I’ll use it for a back-up to my D-800 and for go light trips. Thanks, Terry

    • Probably the OM-D because of the flexibility of interchangeable lenses. You’re not losing out on image quality though; if you like the 35mm focal length, then the X2 might actually work better for you.

      • I agree, m43 is a great place right with excellent lenses, and the OMD with IBIS. If you only wanted a pocket camera with single focal length knowing it’ll be 35mm equivalent, I doubt you will be disappointed. The X2 is quite an excellent minimal fuss (may be none) camera with very good IQ.

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