Photoessay: The Jaeger Le-Coultre Master Ultra Thin Moon

From the horological files. MT

Set shot with a Nikon D800E, several SB900s, the AFS 60/2.8 G Micro, and one shot with a Leica 35/1.4 ASPH FLE via adaptor – see if you can spot which one!

_8011258 copy

_8011276 copy

_8011463 copy

_8011331 copy

_8011488 copy

_8011442 copy

_8011420 copy

_8011379 copy

_8011317 copy

_8011273 copy


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  1. Beautiful pics… I would love to share this on pinterest if you could set up the link

  2. Just ordered one a couple of days ago and your amazing pictures reconfirmed my decision.

    Just one question on picture no.4. The second hand hand seemsbto be bent towards the end. looks a bit like a distortion on a macro picture?

  3. Months later this watch is still in my head. Thank you for this series…I know which watch I’m buying if/when I’m fortunate enough to buy one. Thought I was a Panerai or Breguet guy but this is the one….

  4. Great photos! Next time that you go to switzerland, let us know before 😉

  5. Matthew D says:

    Great photography of a beautiful watch–you obviously care tremendously about your work.

    I’ll be honest…I didn’t pick the Leica shot out of the lineup.

  6. Photos like that makes me want to buy a watch, which is exactly what the client are looking for i suppose hehe. Do you have to work in a hermetically sealed room and wear a bag over yourself for dust control? Or just very meticulousness with cleanliness and continuously clean? Or Switzerland just has cleaner air and is not currently suffering from a haze problem 😛 hehe.

    Wonderful work!

    • This wasn’t for a client, actually. I do a lot of cleaning beforehand, and plenty of photoshop after to remove the dust spots…

  7. Hi Ming, Very impressive shots! How did you connect the FLE to the D800E to achieve such a close focusing?

    • Thanks Frank – there’s an M-F adaptor that allows mounting of Leica lenses. However, because of the difference in back focus distance, they won’t focus to infinity – only close up.

  8. parameteres says:

    Beautiful shots… especially Nr 4. Wonder how it’ll look like if taken with 800E? anything similar with Nr 2?

  9. Harry Choe says:

    Excellent shots, Ming.

  10. No, nope, I was just kidding… of course your client Jaeger Le coultre will find out, that No. 4 doesn´t fit at all. It just doesn´t work! THEY WON`T PAY YOU for that Rubbish! Put that file into the garbage can and start to do your homework first! 😉

  11. It´s Nr. 4 because it´s (as Kai Wong would say) so bokehlicious ™! He he he, nope it´s Nr. 4 because I have been looking into the flickr Exif Datas! Well your postproduction is 100 % flawless! It´s perfection! And: Sigh (!) You ARE (at least) the No. one watch photographer on this planet!

    • Haha well done. I’m surprised nobody checked the exit sooner. Having said that, if I hadn’t bothered with the non CPU lens registration…

  12. Four 😉

  13. bspooner says:

    Wonderful set! My guess is lucky number 7.

  14. I’m guessing #10, because it doesn’t have the same (very shallow) depth of field as the others.
    All very nice, by the way.

  15. Hey Ming, Amazing shots! I love the way you suggest the presence of the glass of the watches with your lighting. You should consider writing some ebooks someday and sell them at a nice price (like them for example: Are you currently in Switzerland? Cheers!

  16. Answer= none. All were taken with the D800E? (smile)

  17. Paul H. Buch says:

    Is it no 6?

    Great photos, Ming!

  18. superb ming, superb…. =) btw i think the leica shot is the first one?

  19. Great macro for a very fine Swiss wristwatch!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  20. hello there! nice work!! and about the leica shot, i think is picture no 8… 🙂


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