Photoessay: In the pit lane at the Super Japan GT

Shot in 2011, from the pits during the Super Japan GT500/GT300 race at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. Had to make do with the 28-300 VR – which was extremely challenging for moving vehicles. Since I don’t regularly shoot wildlife or sport, I also don’t have any long fast glass. Still, an interesting experience. MT

Series shot with Nikon D700, D5100 and AFS 28-300/3.5-5.6 VR

_7039307bw copy

_7039309bw copy

_7039365bw copy

_7039442bw copy

_7039419bw copy

_7039183bw copy

_5100_DSC2571bw copy

_7039591 copy


  1. Man, I really like those insane GT races. But there’s no more speed channel here im my country. :~(

  2. Hmm racecars and crew uniforms have a lot of vibrant colors, so why did you choose to shoot in b&w?
    Love your photos nonetheless.

  3. GT race pics with no GT girls?? aiyo. phail. šŸ˜›

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