More street images from the Leica M-Monochrom

This series shot with a Leica M-Monochrom and the 35/1.4 ASPH FLE.

_MM1_L9995549bw copy

_MM1_L9995517bw copy

_MM1_L9995575bw copy

_MM1_L9995505bw copy

_MM1_L9995560bw copy

_MM1_L9995552bw copy

_MM1_L9995548bw copy

_MM1_L9995522bw copy

_MM1_L9995506bw copy

_MM1_L9995538bw copy


  1. Awesome, thank you for posting! One question: on the 2nd image (the woman walking with the tall building in background), my monitor shows a strange halo around the building’s left side (and something similar around the woman’s hair). Is that just web artifact? sharpening artifact etc??

  2. Hi Ming,
    The more I see the images made by the MM from different sites, the more they seem as if cut by laser or a fine razor. It is as if medium format or large format film is printed downsized with max contrast without losing any tonal range. Seems amazing. This camera is going to have a very high demand next year.


    • That’s what removing the bayer filter will do for you – you’re no longer interpolating any of the data to create the final image, so each pixel’s luminance value is well defined (so long as you got the focus right).

  3. Brilliant! I love the self portrait through the grate.

  4. :sigh: when I drool over the possibilities of the MM that you show off, I think of this line from Wayne’s World: “Live in the now, man, you’ll never ‘ford it!” party time. excellent.


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