Minor firmware update: Nikon D800/ D800E

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to address the AF issue yet (if it is at all addressable via firmware) – but those of you who’ve been having problems with the camera freezing in playback mode, or wireless transmitter use, or D lighting shadows – here’s your fix. D800 and D800E


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  2. Hello Ming,
    Can you please tell me what are the best settings for D800 in general.I mean some basic standard settings .I still cant figure out how to calibrate AF fine tuning inspite of reading your explanation many times.(i admit i am dumb in this).Do you have any videos to demonstrate this by chance?
    I shoot pretty much everything – landscape, street, portrait and occasionally wild life photography.
    I have 70-200 VR II and 50 mm f1.8 AF old version lens
    Thanks again

    • Sorry, no videos for the moment.

      I’m finding it’s best and most accurate to use single point (none of those dynamic modes) and manually pick the point. Then use AF-C for moving subjects, or AF-S for static ones. If you’re shooting the 50/1.8 wide open for portrait or close up work, you might want to try AF-C for that too – small movements and shallow depth of field can result in focusing issues…

      • Thanks for that quick response Ming.
        Is there any sweet spot for the above lenses ?
        Thanks again

      • I use the APC – Auto and it nails the facial focus 99% of the time with 50mm 1.8 and 70-200 vr II. Ming, are you talking about static objects???

      • Gotcha. BTW, I just want to say that you are awesome! I mean, you reply to almost every question, regardless how old the post is.

        Thank you!!!

  3. Don’t know if it is just me. Just upgraded the firmware, post that, i am seeing the aperture setting continuously changing when focusing in the “A” mode. Could not find any such issue with anyone else on goggling. (or is it that i need to get some sleep to clear my head)

  4. Just did my update…did some very random shots… very strange, I have AF fine tune my 85 1.4G on firmware B1.00 and was dead accurate on centre focus point (AF FT -8). Now with the upgrade, it seems to have front focus 😦 Need to go thru’ all my lenses again to ascertain this… 😦 Will report back after I do some “Lens Align” work this weekend.

    • Thanks for the update. If I’m not mistaken, the FW updates always wipe your CSM and AF fine tune settings, so I’m not surprised – perhaps your old settings didn’t ‘stick’.

  5. This update also includes hardware correction of the 45mm Pancake, such that its corners are rendered comparable to the 50mm Summicron AA and it’s centre resolution is marginally higher. Bokeh is far superior. That should at least appease some of the more vociferous recent commentators on this site ! 😉

  6. hi,
    unable to upgrade on macbook pro.after insertng the card in the camera it still shows old version
    Please help!

  7. Thanks, updating at the moment,

    keep on shooting

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