Nikon D700 firmware update…

…v1.03 is now online for download here. It’s supposed to solve an extreme underexposure problem (which I’ve never, ever seen in >100,000 frames with three cameras) – but I suspect there may be some additional minor tweaks in there somewhere. Nice to see that Nikon’s still supporting it despite the age of the camera and it’s recent replacement by the D800…MT


  1. Alexander says:

    “And if I would need the camera for something serious, I certainly would not do it.”
    What does that mean? Doesn’t owning D700 automatically put you into the serious level?

    • There are plenty of people who buy cameras but have no clue about photography, and there are plenty of people making great photos with crap cameras. I suspect what the OP means that it’s probably better not to run the risk of changing software and finding a new bug on a paid job or once in a lifetime shoot…

  2. Mikko Moilanen says:

    Thanks of the info! Will do my second ever firmware update to a camera. The first one I did to Konica Minolta Z3 xD

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