Photoessay: This little piggy

At Chinese weddings all over the world, the groom traditionally has to bring an offering of a roast suckling pig to the house of his bride-to-be on the morning of the tea ceremony, after which the couple is considered officially married by the community. I recently attended the wedding of one of my cousins – how could one not bring a camera (or two)?

This series shot with a Nikon D700, D3x, 24/1.4 G and 85/1.4 G lenses. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t use the D800; I didn’t have an AF solution at this point, and it isn’t really suited to being a photojournalism camera. The D3x had the 24/1.4 on it and the 85 was on the D700. MT

_048_7062350 copy

_047_3X00414 copy

_049_7062359 copy

_050_3X00426 copy

_051_3X00437 copy

_053_7062367 copy

_052_3X00441 copy


  1. What do you mean by “I didn’t have an AF solution at this point”?

    What are the primary differences between the D700 and the D800 in terms of being a photojournalism camera which made you decide D700 over the D800?

    likely a rookie question, but i do not see my difference between the D800 and D700 except its better in almost every way

    • The replacement D800E hadn’t arrived, and I was using the D800 with the left-side AF problem.

      Shooting under PJ conditions, I can’t get perfect image quality at the pixel-level because of the nature of the job, so I’d rather not deal with the enormous (and many) file sizes. Bigger files = more processing time. Time = money. And I know the files weren’t going to be used for any enormous prints, plus the D700 if shot properly is more than capable of a good 60×40″.

  2. Truly beautiful photography. You have an eye for people. One can’t learn that.

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