POTD: A vaguely religious notion

_X21_L1020059bw copy
I don’t know why, but there’s something oddly religious suggested to me by this composition. Can’t put my finger on it, though. Leica X2.


  1. It’s a iconic image. I think the halo on the guy standing is imagined by us, light around his head and black around those kneeling before him: http://www.tldm.org/news5/kneeling.jpg

  2. Fishnose says:

    1. Kneeling (crouching actually) of the two on the sides, as though in deference to the central figure standing tall and proud. Very biblical.
    2. the POV, looking up towards the sky, where most deities are imagined to be
    3.Headress/scarf in a style reminiscent of many artistic renditions of Jesus
    4. Dramatic sky, also reminiscent of artistic renditions
    5. Hands/arms out as though about to bless a crowd of followers
    6. High position, suggesting a very large crowd and therefore a large following

    Interesting how our cultural baggage makes us perceive things in a certain way.

    • You are right, George. The even more interesting thing is that I’m not even Christian. Cultural baggage indeed.

      • Fishnose says:

        Neither am I. I’m atheist. But nevertheless, our culture(s) seep into us whether we like it or not!

  3. stephennesbitt says:

    The strong horizontal line and vertical structure form the cross. The reflections of the two kneeling workers against the shinny boards also look like halos. The clothing, dramatic clouds, and point of view also appear very spiritual. I am not a religious person, but I think you are right.

    I have just recently found your wonderful site and I am learning so much just looking at your incredible images. Thank you for sharing your work.

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