POTD: Urban isolation

_M9P1_L1014696bw copy
Shared space, but no shared connection. Leica M9-P and Zeiss ZM 2/50 Planar.

Five people effectively occupy the same 1.5 square meters of space, yet there’s absolutely no interaction between them. The two outside probably don’t even notice the third person inside hovering over them drinking soup; for all we know, they could even be texting each other. If he was at the same table without the glass barrier, the outside couple would probably feel quite uncomfortable. People everywhere but each retreats into their own worlds. Is this a metaphor for modern society? Perhaps. MT


  1. theastonished says:

    Very well captured typical scene of our times, for better or worse, physical proximity is no longer meaningful… I don’t know what to think of the silhouette on the right – in the end i think it adds to the composition by adding more depth.

    • Thank you. ‘Front bokeh’ is one of those things that can work really well, or not – depends on how intrusive it is, I think. If it’s fairly neutral and indistinct then it can add a feeling of surrealism to the whole thing, or the impression that you’re looking through a veil.

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