Photoessay: The mosque by the sea

A little while ago, I was on a company trip to Melaka/ Malacca – happened to attend Friday prayers at one of the more pleasant mosques I’ve been to, on the outskirts of the historical city of Melaka/ Malacca. The open, airy architecture made the most of its location by the sea, oriented well to allow cool breezes to flow through and keeping the internal temperature pleasant. I got some images before and after the main prayer session.

Series shot with a Sony NEX-5 and 18-55 kit lens.

_N5_DSC0111 copy

_N5_DSC0100 copy

_N5_DSC0112bw copy

_N5_DSC0103 copy

_N5_DSC0107 copy

_N5_DSC0097bw copy

_N5_DSC0114 copy


  1. Excellent set.

  2. Thank you for the images. I have always wanted to go there.
    Question: I have always thought that a camera in that setting was haram, and, therefore, never brought one out during a prayer session. Did you ask permission prior?
    Comment: Your eye for architectural composition is strong, Ming. The same sensibility reveals itself in the watch images. Do you feel that this is your strongest suit at this stage of your career?

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