Photoessay: Cigars

One of my other passions is to have a good cigar now and again. Although I mostly prefer Cubans, there are also some very good things coming out of the Dominican Republic such as the Fuente Opus X and Padron brands. Needless to say, a camera usually accompanies me to these outings; partially because it’s attached to me like an extra limb, and partially because I write the occasional review and video for My Cigar Blog. MT

This series shot with a whole load of different equipment.

_M9P1_L1001196 copy

_7050217 copy

_7050126 copy

_7048354 copy

_7041334 copy

_7041315 copy

_220_IMG_0162bw copy


  1. I see that we do share one more thing, not only photograph, fast cars, also this 🙂

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