Photoessay: Mount Yotei

Mt. Yotei overlooks the Niseko area in Hokkaido, northern Japan, and is itself a popular skiing destination. In many ways, it’s the archetypical ‘perfect’ mountain, being symmetrically conical – much like the iconic Mt. Fuji. It also happens to provide a perfect backdrop to a golf course. Shot during the summer off season, when everything is green and not covered in snow. MT

Series shot with the Nikon D700, Zeiss 2/28, 2/35 and 2/100 lenses.

_7013841 copy

_7013875 copy

_7013195 copy

_7013429 copy

_7014255 copy

_7014399bw copy It’s everywhere, even in town!


  1. Justin Tan says:

    Love the 5th shot. The depth and the detail in the trees is amazing ! It’s almost 3D-like. I was wondering if that effect is down to the perspective and the detail picked up by the lens, or whether it is something that can be accentuated in post-processing ?
    (Apologies if this is an inappropriate question as I understand certain professional photographers have proprietary techniques, so please just ignore me if this is the case here!)

    • Thank you! One of the advantages of really good glass – it’s all in the coatings and optical formula – is that you get incredible micro contrast and separation. Nice tangential dawn lighting helps, too. I guess it’s a mix of everything – I was using Carl Zeiss ZF.2 lenses, shooting RAW at base ISO and processing as best I could, plus dealing with perfect atmospheric conditions and lighting. One of those times when everything comes together.

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