Photoessay: Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular tourist destination at the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal; you aren’t really there, but you do get a spectacular view of the mountains if the weather cooperates – it did to some extent on the one day and one night we were there. Kathmandu is situated in a valley that tends to trap smog, pollution and every other kind of nasty; less than two hours outside (probably more like half an hour if the roads were maintained properly) and you’re breathing clear mountain air. Feeling ambitious, we undertook a 9km round trip hike; we underestimated the heat and altitude, and landed up flagging somewhat on the way back down – it might have had something to do with the rather disappointing view from the ‘lookout tower’ that was both not that much of a tower, and extremely difficult to climb because the ladder inexplicably started six feet off the ground. MT

Series shot with a Nikon D700, AFS 24/1.4 G and AFS 85/1.4 G lenses.

_7030232 copy
Everest by aeroplane

_7037602 copy
Incredible night view; not really visible to the naked eye, but that’s why we have cameras with 30s exposures and f1.4 lenses.

_7037720 copy
Before sunrise. What appears to be a cloud bank turns out to be a solid unbroken mountain range.

_7037739 copy
Breaking dawn

_7037774 copy
Watching the view

_7037832 copy
Commando training – center left.


  1. Fun Story!

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