(RESOLVED, 28/10) Yahoo: seek proof! Hublot: you cannot claim rights for images that are not yours

28/10: Further updates – resolution, and what actually happened behind the scenes

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.57.32 PM

Today was not a good morning. I woke up to the above email from Yahoo/Flickr stating that Hublot SA – a watch company – was claiming the rights to MY images – which were shot by me at an event for coverage for an online watch site in 2012. There was no contract with Hublot or its representatives, nor any embargoes.

Three things are wrong here:
1. Ethically, claiming rights for images that are not yours. That is outright theft.
2. Hoping that the photographer does not contest it because he does not have as deep pockets for lawyers as you do.
3. That Yahoo places the onus of proof on the copyright owner, not the claimant. I commend their speed of action (good for legitimate cases), but acting with only half of the information makes you just as guilty.

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