Shutter therapy in Perth, part II

Continued from Part 1

Perth makes for a marvellous backdrop for monochromatic street photography thanks to constantly clear skies, deep shadows cast by direct sunlight and the urban architecture filled with people going about their day. Due to limited time, I didn’t dedicate any shooting sessions to black and white work but shot everything in color and converted some of the shots in post. However, most of the images shown here were shot with the intention of being presented in black and white.

I am grateful for the chance to shoot in Perth again, now that I can see it through the eyes of a street photographer. I will surely plan another trip to Australia (maybe covering other states?) in the near future. Perhaps I can take this one step further and conduct a street photography workshop in Australia! Please do let me know in the comments if this would be of interest to you, what you would want to learn from me and how can I contribute to the photography community there and maybe we can make something happen.

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  1. Paul Tirajoh says:

    Very nice BW pictures with great composition, photo nr.3 waw

  2. Michael says:

    Lovin me some B&W! Well done Mr Wong, well done..

  3. Hi Robin; thanks for your clean, stark B&W vision of Perth’s architecture and its denizens. I think Brisbane, Queensland, would be a great place for a photography workshop in your next visit to Oz. Brisbane is emerging as a vibrant mix of big city, built along a river with hiking trails, boating, hipster restaurants, all nearby the splendid beaches of the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane also has Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, one of the best destinations for native wildlife. We’ve all seen your butterfly and insect photos; why not come and point your lenses at koalas and wedge-tail eagles, dingos and Tasmanian devils? Lone Pine does a great job of getting people close to birds and native critters; I’d love to see what your skills do with bush photography. – Peace, Heng Sure

    • Robin Wong says:

      Reverend Heng Sure! One of these days I must find an excuse to just fly to Brisbane and meet up with you! You don’t have to sell Brisbane to me, I am already sold. Thanks for being here all these while and I look forward to the day we take a selfie together. And maybe do some shutter therapy too.

  4. Excellent images.

  5. Hi. Thanks again for another great series of images. Each one is sufficiently strong enough to stand alone in an individual post. Sometimes placing them in a series detracts from each individual image’s strength and narrative. What is your view with regard to the matter. Happy Photography. Have a wonderful week. Goff

    • Robin Wong says:

      Thanks Goff for the kind words. I agree with you that sometimes, certain images work better individually. This is when curation comes in and will play an important role in making sure the series of images are cohesive and they flow well from one to another.

      • Hi, Robin. Thanks. My pleasure. I agree for an exhibition but sometimes less is more – especially in a blog post. I find that if there are too many images in a post the one distracts from the other. However such things are totally subjective. Have a great day. Best Wishes. Goff

  6. Let me know when you’re in Perth next, would be great to catch up over a beer and a bit of street shooting as well – we’re cultivating quite a nice street community here and its continually growing!

    • Robin Wong says:

      Thanks for the kind offer, Christian! We did have a small get-together on one of the nights I was in Perth. However, I would love to meet the street photography community there!

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