Major firmware update (1.20) for X1D and H6D

Given the large number of Hasselblad users here, I thought a general public service update would be appreciated. There is a new firmware 1.20 for both the H6D-100c and X1D-50c that adds a lot of requested features in addition to operational improvements, with the major highlights being:

  1. Contrast detect autofocus lenses for certain H lenses on the X1D and XH adaptor. Not all lenses are compatible as some have old control chips, or are in the process of being coded for. Note that lenses will also require an update.
  2. Viewfinder-based operation for the X1D, allowing for zooming, scrolling, playback etc. without using the rear LCD
  3. Selectable aspect ratios (yes, including XPAN). Note that these are only recognised when Phocus is used to open the image, and the whole sensor area is still recorded. Even if you use other postprocesisng software, it’s still useful as a compositional guide since the crop area is always centred and can be easily replicated afterwards.

A full list of changes is here for the X1D and here for the H6D.

Lastly – we’ll be putting out an XPan – X adaptor soon, along with a V-X adaptor a little later. The new firmware may be downloaded here for the X1D and here for the H6D (both versions). Enjoy! MT


  1. Excuse me, i have a question regarding the AF of my x1d. Everytime i used the AF mode, after i pressed the shutter button half way and the focus square becomes green, and i pressed it fully, it wont capture the pict. I had to release the button and quickly pressed it fully to take the pict. But most of the times the pict became out of focus. Is that normal? Or is there any other way to take the pict when in AF mode? Thanks

    • This isn’t normal – but it’s not possible for me to diagnose the problem from your description. You can always decouple AF and shutter by pressing the AF/MF button and using the AF-D button on the back to activate AF.

  2. excuse me, but i have a question. i just updated my x1d to the latest firmware and turns out now the iso is going only up to 3200. is that normal?

  3. Hi Ming, I’ve just bought an unused but secondhand H 80mm lens to use with the x-h adapter, however the firmware is v17.0.0. Is there no way at all of updating these with v19 update? The online site I bought it from couldn’t tell me what version of firmware it had, but as it was so new I guessed it would be more up to date. Really bummed, and not sure what I can do…?

  4. Steve Gombosi says:

    One minor nit: I’m sure this is because there is no Hasselblad V->X adapter yet, but I cannot seem to select V-series lenses in the lens correction menu in Phocus. Allowing users to do this if there’s no lens data in the image’s EXIF data would be very nice.

  5. I am glad that with the new firmware updates, the CF lens adapter is now supported on the H6D, allowing me to use my old Zeiss lenses. However, unlike on the older Hasselblad bodies, I cannot create a ‘My lenses’ setting and I always have to scroll through all lenses. What is even more irritating is that when I am in this lens set up menu, the grip display illumination does not work. Makes it very tough to find the correct lens setting in the dark.
    And still no electronic shutter for the H6D….

    • Thanks for the feedback, will pass this on to the FW team.

      • Great, thanks! One other point for the developers. In addition to spare batteries I also bought a powerbank from XTPower (the one Hasselblad recommends). Unfortunately, the H6D does not draw power from this bank via USB (whereas it does from my Macbook Pro USB port). It would be very useful if one could support the grip battery with additional power from USB to extend battery life for long outdoor shots. In order to achieve this now, I have to plug in via the DC input with the little door open, which I would like to avoid in the field. I am not sure why power from USB is restricted to certain devices? Maybe a FW update could fix this?
        Also, I contacted the Hasselblad customer support via email prior to the purchase of the powerbank to ask whether it would support power via USB. But their answers were basically useless reciting mainly the manual. However, the manual fails to state that the recommended powerbank is not a supported USB device…

        • Short answer: we can’t test every power bank with the camera, and to protect the sensor the voltage and current requirements are set in a narrow band – if the power bank is outside these, it won’t work.

          • Sure, I understand that Hasselblad cannot test every powerbank but at least the one you recommend should work, or? The H6D manual states “One model that has been tested and qualified to work is the “XT-20000QC2 Power Bank” from XTPower. Therefore, I purchased this one but it does not support power over USB.

            • Please make a distinction between ‘you’ (me) and the company here. I haven’t personally tested or recommended any power banks. Were you using the power bank over USB or DC out?

              • I am sorry, indeed I should have said the one Hasselblad recommends. I am extremely grateful for all your helpful and prompt replies and all the support you provide, and I had absolutely no intention to criticize you. At any rate, the XT power bank does work via the DC input, but the power over USB does not work. And as I said above, power support via USB would be great to prolong the grip battery (when using the DC port one needs to keep the little door open).

                • My colleague just replied: the recommended list is for DC only precisely because of this reason. There are a few power banks that work over USB-C if they are charged enough – I’m told Anker makes a couple that work – this is not official again because of voltage sensitivity and the delicate nature of the sensor. It could be enabled easily but due to the current risk, it hasn’t been done yet.

                  • OK, thanks. I don’t understand enough about USB specifications but I thought USB 3 should be smart enough to accommodate various power needs (if there is enough power).

                    • USB has a *minimum* delivery, but this isn’t high enough for the H6D – it actually needs more voltage (but not current) than the MacBook…

  6. Hi ! How can I tell which of the lenses that have been listed as upgradable can indeed be upgradable? I managed to upgrade my 100mm but not my 35mm. I am ok with manual focus on the 35mm, but was thinking of an 80mm. If I were to be buying online ( used ), is there some way i can tell if the lens is upgradable? Thanks!

  7. Great update, especially to save on both cards! 😀 Ming, what is going on with the strong noise in the video sound track (like an old film projector). I had now four H6D100C and any have this. Thanks and merry christmas! Rem

  8. Very pleased to see the migration of the X1D firmware to a close to perfect solution.
    For me the X1D is the camera of the year!

    • We’re still working on it. It’s not perfect, but it is much better 🙂

      • Steve Gombosi says:

        It might not be perfect, but it’s certainly good enough to get me to buy one. It arrived a couple of days ago.

        I must admit that it looks downright silly hanging off of a 500mm ApoTessar (with the Fotodiox adapter). 😉

  9. Steve Gombosi says:

    “Lastly – we’ll be putting out an XPan – X adaptor soon”

    You have a remarkable gift for understatement. 😉

  10. Great…. now I just need a X1D 😦

  11. Eli Hollander says:

    One other addition I would love for the X1D would be a monochrome view option through the view finder and back screen (selectable with a button short-cut), to allow a monochrome preview of a scene.

    I can’t imagine it would be complicated to implement, and many of us would find invaluable.

    Thank you,

    Eli Hollander

    • Thanks for your feedback. Actually, you’re the only person to have mentioned it (that I know of). For us to implement we’d have to do picture styles or similar as the previews have to be processed – this is under discussion but part of a much greater question of whether we want to go down this road at all (given people don’t generally buy a Hasselblad to shoot JPEG…)

  12. Steve Gombosi says:

    I am really delighted to see how responsive Hasselblad has been with firmware upgrades for the X1D. I’m glad there’s a V adapter on the roadmap (here’s hoping it allows use of the leaf shutter in the C/CF/CFi/CFe lenses – although that will obviously require another firmware update).

    • We’re testing both though it’s likely to be a plain adaptor using the e-shutter as the mechanics and control electronics required for using the V lens shutters are expensive and complex – look at the V-H adaptor – and on top of that, a lot of the older V lenses may not be accurate speed-wise either…

  13. Hmmm – HOW do I firmware-upgrade the HC lenses to version 19.0.2? Couldn’t find the information anywhere…

    • Exactly the same way as you would update the body firmware, but with the lens whose firmware you want to update attached – i.e.

      Load FW to card
      Go to FW update in the menu
      Select the lens FW

  14. Thank you so much for the EVF display! I can shut my back screen off, check my image in the EVF and even zoom in to check focus.!!! Just what I wanted!!!

  15. Kudos to Hasselblad for listening to its customers. I’m looking forward to more updates to possibly add a live histogram and AF support for the HC teles (>100mm). Thanks Ming.

  16. Maybe you could list up which H-lenses are compatible… 😉

  17. Yesssss! Shows Hasselblad does listen to (and act on!) customer feedbacks. I suggested that the touchpad be used for EVF pan while zoomed in, and lo and behold, here it is! Thank you Hasselblad, and thank you Ming for getting the feature in!

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