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…Yes, I’ve had some time with the X1D. Yes, I’ve shot a wide variety of subjects and situations with it. And yes, there’ll be a video. In the meantime…

Also, there are more new images after the jump 🙂 MT

X1D2-B7023081 copy

X1D2-B7023168 copy

X1D2-B7023208 copy

X1D2-B7022787 copy

X1D2-B7022777 copy

X1D2-B7022500 copy

X1D1-B7022552 copy

X1D1-B7022323 copy


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  1. Antono Yuwono says:

    I already pre order X1D thru my local dealer, i need to know is there already a remote shutter that can be used for it?
    And is there an L tripod plate also?because the X1D only have 1 tripod base isn’t it?
    As I specialize in stitching landscapes/cityscapes, I need those 2 accesories urgently.
    What about battery life? Because long esposure certainly use a lot of battery life
    Thanks Ming, keep up the good work

    • Full remote control via the wifi app, and you can just use a generic L because the camera is square on the left side. Battery – similar to the H5/6. I need three to get through a heavy 12-hour shooting day.

  2. Checking daily if it is SOON : )

  3. X1D VS SONY A7RII which one will you choose

    • I had the Sony and sold it because it was unreliable, there was no local support, and the color was impossible to profile accurately.

  4. Dr. Paul B. Lewis says:

    Do you favor the new Hasselblad X1D over the Leica SL? From all your articles, you do not think the number of pixels is that important.
    Tell your lovely wife Hi for me.

    • Will do, Paul. It’s been a while since NYC – hope you’re keeping well!

      Short answer – yes, and mainly for reasons of ergonomics and file quality. The Leica is more responsive though.

  5. Amazing pictures!
    and Thanks for all the very useful information!

    I am planning to get the x1d together with the 45mm
    I am also considering to get the H adaptor and 1 or 2 H lens
    I have been looking at the 150mm 3.2 and 100mm 2.2 lenses
    There are very very few reviews about H lenses in general
    and I noticed that the H line was updated with the so called “orange dot version”
    I see that they got faster shutter speed specs but I was wondering if there is any tangeble optical difference from the former one,
    those do sell quite a bit cheaper especially when you find them preowned on eBay
    I was wondering if have any info about that

  6. Lovely images – So if you could choose one lens….the 45 or the 90? (my reference, I really liked the 55 on the 645z as a walk around)

    • I flip flop between the 50 and 100 on my H5, which has the same sensor and angles of view, with perhaps a slight edge to the 50. Personally, I bonded more with the 90 on the X1D though.

  7. So I use Phase one backs and capture one for commercial work. I don’t have much experience with any of the Hassy Medium format cameras but I do know from past experience I hate the Phocus software. It seems you are processing in Adobe Raw. Do the hassy files process nicely through adobe? I know my iq250 file come out very strange in lightroom.

  8. Aldo Murillo says:

    Nice range of images Ming. What’s the ISO of the man cooking? it looks clean and also almost no motion blur.

  9. Looking forward to your review, Ming.

    Quick question – is exposure preview set to “On” full time through the EVF, if not, can it be?

  10. david wootton says:

    Ming, these are wonderful! I know you could take great photos with a Box Brownie or with the first camera I owned (loved, and still am trying to replicate) a Zeiss Werra; and I also know I couldn’t take these photos in a year of trying with a Hasselblad. Luckily photography is my hobby not my profession… Hasselblad are fortunate to have you, and so are your readers. dw

  11. The very dark workplace photo and the man in bright sunlight in front of the green metal structure are most impressive. Can’t say the same for the video. Why orange and soft focus? Or am I just to far out of touch with contemporary taste?

  12. Michael Jardeen says:

    Where do I sell one of my kidney’s to get one, please…

  13. Great photos…. as usual!!!
    Just curios if meanwhile you got any firmware updates and if you notices any improvment especially (AF and EVF)
    thanks again

  14. Hi Ming. Quick question – does the custom bag they created for this hold both lenses at the same time, or is it just the body and one lens attached? Thanks!

  15. Chris K says:

    It should be nice if we had pictures with some bokeh to show how the X1D and the lenses manage transitions.

  16. Ryszard Stelmachowicz says:

    Not since today we know that the size of it makes a difference!

  17. Thank Ming – full size available :-)?

    What was the focal length (35mm equivalent) of the cigar?


  18. plevyadophy says:


    Sorry to have to say this Hassy but………..ya lucky to have Ming as an Ambassador; that vid was better than anything y’all in Sweden have put out yourselves.

    Ming, that vid was lovely, real classy; in keeping with the dignity and status we’d expect from the Hassy brand ( and I hope the “Sony fancy wood camera brigade” watch your video until their eyes bleed so as to never do that kinda crap again).


  19. I really like the video and photos Ming!

  20. Were these shot as jpeg or RAW (any specific converter)? The last 5 seconds of the video looks like an ad for a cigar 🙂

  21. Gary Morris says:

    Small request, since this is something of an evaluation report… maybe list technical specs for each picture… f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, etc. This will assist in evaluating the cameras shooting range. Otherwise, all look very good (good color, crisp, balanced shadows and highlights, etc.). Thanks.

  22. For a second you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger there 😀

  23. So the last two images in bright light acquired sharp focus, (maybe also the water reflection hard to tell) the other not so in focus and the color looks great but all other images have blurring with slow shutter speeds.or not tack sharp in any area in the image is what I see first look! Love the highlight reflections on the chiseled mans face and love the starburst in the alley scene.

    • It’s sharp at 100%. I wouldn’t publish anything otherwise. And the video has the usual compression artifacts – useless for evaluating stills, just for demonstration.

  24. richard majchrzak says:

    more please


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