Kuala Lumpur reader meetup – Sat 8 Aug

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I’ll be doing an informal reader meetup for those of you in Kuala Lumpur this Saturday (8 Aug) at 10am, Plan B, Bangsar Village I – feel free to drop by and say hi…MT


  1. quirkyespresso says:

    any meet ups coming up in September, just got into your blog and I really like your focus and firm style personality

  2. hello sifu,
    it was indeed a pleasure meeting you last Saturday.
    thank you for your time and sharing.
    here’s hoping you can find the time to make it a recurring event for your kl/malaysia fans.
    grant, foong, shah, adrian, pleasure meeting you chaps too, hope to stay in touch with you all.

  3. Nice meeting everyone who attended! 🙂

    Also, pano stitching fail!! (well, I wasn’t expecting much anyway since it was handheld and there were a lot of movement between frames… but still decent enough at websize, I guess…)

  4. richard majchrzak says:

    if it were next week….next time…

  5. Wish I could come! Hopefully we’ll have a MT Rio de Janeiro reader meetup someday!

  6. Really disappointed that I can’t make it to this event for I’ll be out of town. I truly admire how you seem to capture the magical moment with people.

  7. Sounds interesting. Please provide a followup post.
    I’d be there, but if it’s not within driving distance of 60 miles east/northeast of Atlanta, GA, it’s beyond my budget.

  8. MT, I want to join. Let me know when & where.

  9. Sadly my jet is in the shop – otherwise…….

  10. Wow, Ming, this is great, I have chaueffering duties on saturday mornings but will try to find a way to be there. This is uncanny, one of my blog readers ( who reads your blog too) recently suggested I should get in contact with you sunce we are from kl.

  11. Interesting… is there some kind of general plan, or just a hang out and chat kind of thing?

    • Hang out and chat. I wonder if this was a bad idea.

      • I dunno, never been to your meet-ups before so I have no idea what to expect. But speaking from my own experience, back in the good ol’ days when Photokaki.com was still active and thriving, we often had meet-ups at some mamak stall at night, but generally these ended up with people grouping into cliques and sometimes newcomers get left out. So I suppose that’s one thing that I’d watch out for in a general meet-up like this.

        • I doubt there will be that many people, and there certainly aren’t that many familiar locals. But perhaps this was a mistake on my part. In any case, if you feel uncomfortable, attendance is entirely voluntary. 🙂

          • Haha, I’ll probably be there barring any work-related issues. Been a while since I’ve been to any photography-related meets.

          • Ah…now which bit of it would have been the mistake, now? 😉
            I will admit to being less sanguine about “photo-gatherings” than general chats, but will endeavour to curb any latent sociophobia in the prospect of meeting interesting people. 😉

  12. Arthur Wang says:

    How about another in Hing Kong? 🙂

  13. Sorry, I can’t make it that fast to your home town!

  14. Oh.. Sorry to be missing this event

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