Up to $300 off Zeiss lenses

I’m not normally one for advertising, but this is too good to miss. Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of Zeiss lenses because of their optical performance – and I don’t think I’ve ever seen discounts on DSLR lenses before…

Click here to buy from B&H.


  1. Nikolov says:

    Better news than the Zeiss discount offer for all GR lovers at least:)…..http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com /digicameinfo…..

    GR II is coming soon (i guess it will be mid-end of June)…it is rumored to have WIFI and touchscreen at least…..;)

    Cant wait to get the spec sheet and my hands on it!!!!

    I just have solely the GR as a camera and simply love it, always with me and great results!

    So let the June come as quick as possible…;)

  2. Thanks for the offer…


  3. if only it was $3000 off rather than $300 i’d be on it!
    (sad laugh)

    • Well, then they’d be paying you to shoot their equipment. And nobody does that except fuji and canon, and only if you’re willing to sell your soul.

      • this is true. at least so far my soul is my own.
        i’d still love to shoot an otus or 2 at some point (without dealing my bank account a seriously grievous blow).
        and otii aside unfortunately 135mm is not a focal length i can see enough of a use for…so can’t justify even that comparatively moderate zeiss investment)
        perhaps one day…

        • The 2/50 Makro-Planar is pretty good, too.

          • I’ve always wanted to try that lens (and the 100mm macro as well). Per usual, the thing holding me back is manual focus on today’s dslrs. Bleh.

            • Live view and an LCD magnifier – all problems solved.

              • Which zacuto finder are you using these days? I’m very nearsighted and have to wear glasses at all times (including when using cameras). Has wearing glasses been a problem for you in using their product?

                Seems like it would be easier to use an LCD magnifier when utilizing a tripod. Looks a bit cumbersome for handheld use, but obviously you are making it work. Hmm.

                • The 2.5x; it has a built in diopter and the provision to add more lenses. I shoot with contact lenses though. I would also suggest looking at the Kinotehnik LCDVF; it’s not quite as well built, but also a lot less bulky, easier to attach/detatch, leaves your tripod mount free, and seems to be much friendlier to spectacles – I can shoot with my glasses on with this, but not the Zacuto.

                  LCD magnifiers actually work best handheld – you get one more point of stability/contact. If you’re on a tripod, just use the screen.

                  • Thanks! Good to know. I’d probably have to go for the Kinotehnik. Diopter adjustments don’t help me — my vision is just too poor and I am stuck using glasses rather than contacts.

          • i have my eye on the sigma art 50, supposed to be the next best thing to the otus 55

            • It’s close but it isn’t the same. The corners, color and micro contrast give it away.

              • wait…do you mean the difference between the sigma art 50 and the 1k zeiss 50? or the difference between the sigma 50 and the otus 55?
                by most reports (at least those i’ve seen) the zeiss 50 is not at all the same as the otus 55…..and the sigma is the closest “affordable” alternative to the otus.
                (honestly i have trouble w non AF lenses for some kinds of shooting but that’s another issue conversation…ha!).

                • Let me clarify: Otus > Art > 2/50MP, in that order. But the absolute difference isn’t that much, and if you’re using it stopped down (i.e. 2.8 and smalleR), you may well prefer the color rendering and microcontrast of the 2/50 over the Art.

  4. Really enjoying the Photoshop classes I ordered Ming. I will soon consider myself an alumnus. I laughed when I saw this because I ordered the the Zeiss APO Sonnar T* 2/135 from BH earlier today. I liked your images on Flickr with the 135 and thought I would see if they had a good used copy. The 9+ used was $1,799.00 and they had the link for new at $1822.00. No brainer. Wish I had gone through your link.

    • Haha, thanks Gregory!

      You could cancel the order if it hasn’t shipped, of course…or order a new one and return the other one. No penalty either way 🙂

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