Some good Nikon lens deals…

Just got this in the mail and thought I’d share it – there’s up to $400 off various lenses at B&H – like the 80-400 AFS, for instance; no body purchase required. Click here.

Purchases made through the link do give me a small referral commission that helps support the site. It doesn’t make any difference to the price for you, though. Thanks! MT


  1. I have been eyeing that 10-24mm DX lens for a few months. This sale puts it down close to the price for which I can find a solid used one, so I might need to seriously consider jumping on it. Thanks for the info.

  2. says:

    A quick question – is it worth to get from B&H as need to freight from NY to Malaysia?

    • Depends on a few things – if you can get the item locally, if you’re buying enough stuff cumulatively to make it worthwhile…perhaps a group buy is the way to go to combine freight?

      At least cameras are tax free for the moment.

    • I think that these are all ‘Nikon US’ lenses and not ‘imported products’. Thus you probably can’t have them exported from the US.

  3. Good to see many attempts at developing a practical digitizer for films.

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