A couple of slots available for the Email School

Following the graduation of a couple more students, I’m pleased to open up a couple more places for my Email School of Photography. Read on for details.

Here’s how it works:

1. Determine what your final objective is – it can be as simple as ‘I want to make photos like this’ or as detailed as ‘I want to refine my wildlife photography technique’. You can pick stuff from my flickr portfolio, or anywhere else off the web.

2. Select a portfolio of your 10 best images with a quick sentence or two on why you think they’re good – this helps me to gauge where you are, what you’re seeing, and what you’re trying to achieve. If you have a gallery online, send me the link to that, too.

3. I’ll then come back to you with a portfolio review and a lesson plan to bridge the gap between 1. and 2. This will only be about half of the course, because it depends on how you’re progressing and what other aspects need work along the way.

4. Lessons take the form of nine assignments, email critiques/ teaching, practice (on your part) and photo submissions for assessment. All of the content is customized for you (in the form of long-form email for now) – which is the main difference between my course and others. Also, you should take as long as you need until you’ve mastered the lesson – not submit the first one or two images that you complete, even though that’s the requirement of the assignment. Submissions should be 2MP (~1500x1000px) JPEGs for now, unless specified (including the portfolio). Along the way, ask any questions you feel you need to – there are no silly questions; similarly if you come across something in your practice that you don’t understand or want to explore further, we can always rearrange the lesson plan to suit. I will be brutal but objective with my commentary – it won’t help you if I just say everything is nice. 🙂 I would expect the whole course to take somewhere between 6 months to a year, depending on how much free time you have to put to it.

5. “The Fundamentals” and “Making Outstanding Images Ep.1” now form the introductory portion to the course. You will need to watch those before submitting your first assignment.

6. For those who do not have the two videos, the price of the course, inclusive of two videos, is US$900. For those of you who already have the videos, it’s US$800, as before. For prior workshop attendees, the price is $500 – and you don’t need the videos because we’ve covered that material already in the workshop. All packages include the portfolio review and nine lessons.

You can also find a whole load of testimonials on my teaching activities here, towards the bottom of the page.

Please send me an email if you’re interested. Thanks! MT


Visit the Teaching Store to up your photographic game – including workshop and Photoshop Workflow videos and the customized Email School of Photography; or go mobile with the Photography Compendium for iPad. You can also get your gear from B&H and Amazon. Prices are the same as normal, however a small portion of your purchase value is referred back to me. Thanks!

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  1. Hello Ming,

    Any chance you could ask some of your students to share their online portfolios with the gen public ? If their photos are top notch they serve as publicity for you ?

    • Actually, a good number of number of them contribute to the reader flickr pool – both workshop and email school students. Some are good, some are beginners, all just want to learn…

      I think looking at the testimonials for my teaching of all kinds should give you a good idea of what I do.

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