News and some B&H deals that came in the mail…UPDATED

I’m sure some of you might find these interesting, so I’ll pass them on very briefly. The ‘Shooting with the Legends’ series continues this weekend. I’ll also be at the Kuala Lumpur CEX show on Sunday 4th speaking for Olympus at 1230pm – please drop by and say hi if you’re in town. Have a good weekend everybody! MT

Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and M43 mounts – $1000 off, now $1995 – here

Up to $550 off DSLR + lens bundles – Nikon is here, Canon is here

Ricoh GR now in stock, here

Price drop on the original RX100, now $598, here

$100 off M4/3 lenses, here

$150 off OM-D kits, here

$50 off the E-P5 body, here


  1. I think I’m looking for a compact for the versatility…so RX100…it’s just the Ricoh seems so impressive… Anyway, will decide and use your link to purchase…thanks for the info, sir…

  2. Doug Rainwater says:

    Ming: it may not be apples to oranges, but do you have a preference on the original RX100 v the Ricoh GR? Taking into account the price differential noted in the links above…thank you…

    • The GR and the RX100 are two different animals, get the GR if you can live with shooting a 28mm focal length, if you need good video and versatility get the RX100

    • Hard to say. Both are very capable cameras; I think it boils down to whether you can live with 28mm only; would you miss the zoom?

  3. Stephen Scharf says:

    i’ll check back in when the “Shooting with the Legends” series has run it’s course (BTW, you forgot the Olympus OM-1). This is ground I covered 30 years ago; no point in re-hashing it, from my point-of-view. Thanks for the tip at B&H, though.

    • I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t have access to one – like the screwmount Leicas etc…

      Film is a new thing to a lot of people. And even more of them have no idea why these ‘great cameras’ are supposedly great, so I thought the series made sense. There’s only one article left, I believe…

  4. Thanks Ming. I wish I were there to say hello.

    Speaking of Olympus…thanks for the review of the new Pen 5 which is now being challenged by the new Panasonic mirror less camera… One cannot help but wonder what new model will be forthcoming in the next few months, and which model will suddenly render the camera that one has just purchased ” pseudo obsolete”.

    Understanding that “deals” are part and parcel of the sales program at Nikon and Canon, one wonders if the day of reckoning is coming for high end DSLR cameras. With the evolution of mirror less cameras and ever more sophisticated phone camera with addition apps and interchangeable lenses, the market for high end DSLR must surely be past the peak. As you might recall, the CEO of Nikon has already stated that his company will have to examine its sale strategy in view of falling sales.

    Your discussion of film cameras is prescient..

    • No worries, I’m sure there’ll be a future opportunity!

      We are in a strange place at the moment: technology is both sufficient and simultaneously going obsolete faster than ever. I say stop looking at gear as an investment; buy what works for you now, shoot with it, and give up on reviews. Whatever you buy now will be enough for almost all purposes. What you buy next won’t get you much extra, and waiting/ agonizing over it will only take away effort from making pictures…

      I’m pretty sure the end of the DSLR isn’t far away. I just wrote an article on that actually…to be published in a few weeks.

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