Quick poll: Singapore workshop?

I’ve just confirmed an extended assignment in Singapore at the beginning of July this year; I’m now wondering if there’s any demand for a workshop in that location. It would be either the first or second weekend of July, covering the two shooting days’  from the USA Making Outstanding Images workshops syllabus. Since I’ll already be in Singapore, there won’t be any travel costs incurred, so the prices would be correspondingly cheaper – S$500 if one day, and S$900 if two. Please only vote if you’re going to be in Singapore around then; the ‘no thanks’ option is so I can gauge what proportion of my Singaporean readers would be interested. Thanks! MT


  1. Hi Ming,

    I live in Singapore and will join if on.

    • It’s on but sold out. I can put you on the standby list if you like, but given the demand I’ll likely be doing another workshop later this year.

  2. Peter Tomlinson says:

    Hi Ming,

    Excellent news, I’m due to be in Singapore the second weekend of July, if business plans hold firm, As there wasn’t an option on the Poll for one day, Saturday or Sunday, I mailed 🙂 either day would be good for me. Thanks, Peter.

    • I must have missed the email – but sure, it looks like it’s on – and I’ll have a solution that will work for people who want one or two days.

  3. Sujoy ghosh says:

    Hi Ming
    Is there any thought of coming to Australia any time this year?

  4. Vincent Smink says:

    Singapore…hmm, bit far.. why not try Amsterdam! there’s a great street shooters-scene here!

  5. I couldn’t afford to join the other workshop but I’m excited to hear about this one in S’pore! So how now the results are very close in your poll…

  6. Hi Ming,

    I have often wanted join your workshops in other cities, but my corresponding business trips never allowed it. A young child has limited my time away, so I would jump at the chance to join you for a workshop here in Singapore .

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