FUji X-E1 and Panasonic LX7 specials…

This might interest some of you – B&H is offering $300-$900 off various Fuji X-E1 bundles. I know this camera has received a lot of attention recently (I haven’t shot one yet myself, but the files look pretty good). If you’re in the market for one, you might want to have a look here. MT

Update: I just noticed that the excellent Panasonic LX7 has dropped in price again, to sub-$300 from Amazon, here. That’s a lot of compact for the money, and the lens is outstanding (I’m testing one at the moment).


  1. Thanks Ming, I just ordered the LX7 and the EVF

  2. Rain Santiago says:

    If I hadn’t picked up the RX100 the LX7 would be sitting in my lap today, seems Panasonic has excess inventory on the LX7 or perhaps the LX8 is coming I’d like to see what Panasonic response to the RX100 will be.

    • I think it’s because the original $500 selling price was much too steep. No noises about an 8 since this one isn’t that old, but I do hope they keep the lens for the next iteration. It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Ming, do you have a sense of how high you can realistically go on the LX-7/D-Lux 6 in terms of ISO? I like my GRD IV and can get usable images from ISO 1600. But it’s a bit of a stretch and I would like to have a choice of perspectives. Thx.

  4. @Peter: Amazon has these 298$ deals for the LX7 quite frequently. Then the price goes back up to 399$ or even 449$. and a couple of weeks later the dance begins again. I don’t claim to understand Amazon’s pricing algorithm but I certainly take advantage of it: I ordered my own copy, which will become my companion for business travel.

  5. Paul Loker says:

    Fuji have a cash back offer on a XE1 body with lenses….. so it shouldn’t just be B&H where you can grab a bargain.

  6. Peter Boender says:

    The Panasonic LX-7 is an absolute steal at USD 298! It is a formidable camera: it’s a pro-level point-and-shoot. At this pricepoint it’s sort of a no-brainer to pick one up (I already have one, and like it very much). The significant price drop also makes you wonder if the LX-8 (or LX-9) is just around the corner.

    Have you also noticed the big Amazon offer on the Olympus E-PL5 with the M.Zuiko Digital MSC ED II R 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens? 25% discount: from USD 799 to USD 599. Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Olympus-Interchangeable-Digital-Camera-14-42mm/dp/B0096WDMGC/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1363426666&sr=1-1&keywords=epl5
    Very tempting as a second body next to my OM-D E-M5…

  7. Yes it is a great camera weights nearly nothing. After 40 years of Nikon with the latest D3s Plus a spinal problem so I had to choose. So I was very critically, but again a great camera. Only one thing, after a long exposure from about 4 min. It takes another 4 minutes to develop the image in the camera. That is with a setting from N.R. at Long Exposure on 0. Setting it on -2 then the image will come directly after closing the shutter. But, hell what a noise. Whit LR4.4 and with Nik Define I can’t get it away if I want the same result on LE NR on 0. Hope they will do something about it. Still a great camera with the 14mm, 18-55. 35mm and the 60mm. I recommend it,
    Regards, peter

  8. It’s a great walk-around piece. I have one and love it, especially now that ACR can process RAW files from this camera (like,finally). IQ and color are fantastic and easily rivals the A99 and bests it in low light. The new firmware for the body and the 18-55 Fijinon definitely sped up the AF, but it’s not a sports/action shooter…

    • If the sensor is anything like the one I demoed briefly in the X100s, that thing should be fantastic for low light. Especially with the fast primes.

      • The Fuji x-E1 does great in low light. Several people in our photo club have them. The 18-55 zoom is very nice and the 35mm is a special lens.

      • Ming, any chance you’d might review one of these APS-C X-Trans cameras? I keep thinking theses cameras might be well suited for your street shooting, especially in low light.

        • I’m seeing about getting an X100s and 28 converter for review. Not really a priority though as I would have no use for it other than personal work, and I’m currently rather enjoying my Hasselblad for that.


  1. […] This might interest some of you – B&H is offering $300-$900 off various Fuji X-E1 bundles. I know this camera has received a lot of attention recently (I haven't shot one yet myself, but the fi…  […]

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