It appears that the Nikon lens offers…

…have an expiry date – 2 March, is what I’m told. So if you want to make the most of them, I’d suggest acting fast. Some good deals to be had – I might pick up a  70-200 for myself…

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  1. One sale ends another one begins…check some special Nikon lens pricing at B&H…offer expires march 30th

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. I just love the bokeh from all my lenses. You couldn’t pry my 70-200 f/2.8 from me. Even wide open it is a dream. So I don’t think I would be inclined to leave it sitting while shooting a 28-300, and I would be looking at images and wondering how much different it would have been with the 70-200. And with another prime, really thought of the 24 f/1.4 but, maybe you are right for the 28 f/1.8, I wonder how much would use I would have for the 24-70? Its been a real useful lens. But it should be updated soon IMO. I’m already spending for the best body, don’t want to go with less of a lens available to do it right.

    • The 85/1.8 will still give you better bokeh than the 70-200 or 24-120, and some cinematic flare (if you like that kind of thing). The 28-300 and 24-120 are the kind of thing you shoot stopped down. 24/1.4 has some focusing and sample variation/ edge issues on the D800; I dumped mine. The 24-70 is large and unwieldy – unless you need the extra stop, VR in the 24-120 makes up for it.

  3. Ming… so tell me this, I have the 24-70, 70-200 f/2.8, 14-24, 85 f/1.4, and a few other great lenses. Now as enticing as the sale is, like I need another lens, so out of curiosity, which lens would you buy if you already have the cream of the crop in lenses? Also, I am maybe looking to lighten the load when traveling for pleasure, but say want the D800 with me? Thanks…

    • Easy. Sell the 85/1.4, and get a 28/1.8G and 85/1.8 G. Not only will the sale pay for the lenses, your back will thank you – it’s what I did. Image quality wide open is actually better on the D800, too.

      • See, I knew I was asking the right guy! I like that idea. You know what I am use to with these lenses, I have been spoiled with the IQ w/ my 200 f/2, but I am curious of the 24-120 or 28-300 for a all in one, with either the D800 or D4?

        • The 28-300 is convenient but not going to cut it for critical applications. The 24-120 has a lot of distortion, but if you use ACR’s profile for it, it works well. I’ve got one – the only problem is that it isn’t small or light, and you’re up the wazoo when it comes to low light.

  4. Hi Ming,

    Just picked up a 85/1.8G AFS through your referral link on Amazon. Saved £100.00 on what I would pay in the U.K. I am well pleased with that. Thank You.

    Hope I like the lense, the reviews have all been fantastic

    Gary Evans

    • Thanks Gary – if you get a good sample, I think you’ll be quite surprised.

      • You’ve got me worried now, do they not have quality control at Nikon ???

        • I’ve yet to handle a bad 85/1.8 G – the design is very simple. It doesn’t even have aspherical elements! Some of the more complex designs have very tight tolerances – the 24/1.4 is a good example – and there’s definitely some sample variation between copies.

  5. Such a pity those offers are not available where I live. One would think Nikon should have uniform pricing policy in every country.

  6. Gary Evans says:

    Hi Ming,

    I am new to photography, just got myself a D600 and a 50/1.4G. I was considering getting the new 70/200 F4 which seems to have had favourable reviews. What do you reckon.

    Gary Evans

  7. I already picked up the 60 micro last week and the 85 1.4 arrived tonight. 70-200 is pretty awesome, I used mine a lot in Venice this month. MIng, have you thought about speaking at B&H while you are in NY?

    • Great – hope you were able to use one of the referral links 🙂

      Yes, I’ve just signed up with them – spent most of this morning updating posts. They’re also sending me a Fuji X20 to test this week…

  8. I need to hurry up and get my clients to pay me. It’s about time to update from my Nikon 28-70 f/2.8D. I did a food shoot today and the 24 & 36MP files are really starting to show the shortcomings on that lens wide open. Luckily I had my Sigma 35mm f/1.4 on hand so all was good.

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