A little gift – extended


Response has been great to the discounted videos, so since it’s Christmas tomorrow…I’m extending the offer for a few more days, to the 29th of December. All of the short videos on my iPad App are now just $1.99 (down from $5.99). So, if you’ve missed out thus far and wanted an introduction to masking or basic retouching, or been curious how my ACR workflow looks, now’s the time to indulge. 🙂 Happy Holidays! MT

Ming Thein’s Photography Compendium for iPad is available here from the App Store.


  1. Today is the 29th and the videos show up at $3.99. What happened with the $1.99 deal?

  2. Android? Windows? You are missing most of the market.:-)

  3. I can’t download the videos “Masking” and “Sharpening”, the app doesn’t ask me whether I want to buy these videos but “Re-download this video?” and if I hit “Yes”, nothing happens.

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