Announcing a much-asked for change to the site

Recognizing that WordPress’ search feature and tag clouds are pretty much useless, I’ve finally finished creating a proper archive to all the major posts on the site (to date). They’re sorted by category and date, with the most recent first. No more scrolling through to find stuff in the hundreds of posts and hundreds of thousands of words. It’s all here in one page. And to think I could be out eating sushi now instead…

You can find it here. It’s also got a permanent place on the header nav bar. MT


  1. Farah Ali says:

    To think that U could be eating that sushi with you right now… Tsk tsk tsk…

    • Haha – well, I think you mean I, and you know that if I take too many people it won’t be the same experience you had last time…there will be future workshops!

  2. I really appreciate this. You have contributed to a lot of photography issues in a enthusiastic and scholarly way. It’s fantastic that I can return to these issues in an easy way with this site. I have educated very young children (grade 5-6) in primary school and when the next task is before me I will use and also refer your name to the pupils important aspects of photography from your many mails, which I have received. Again thank you.

  3. Timmy Chiu says:

    Thanks for doing this. I’ve been wanting to ask if you would do it a few months back, never forced myself hard enough to ask. Ended up a few times going through many pages for a little something. Appreciate it.

  4. That’s like Ming at a glance !Thanks. Appreciate the work put in by you.

  5. WordPress does a great job with Categories… and you can have a dedicated menu for those Categories… like Nikon, Leica, Photoessays, etc… This way things are even simpler.

  6. I search your site using the Google Search Operator: site>colon>domain name>space>”search term in quotes”
    Example in Google search: “leica x2” will return lots of hits, or “pen mini” etc.

  7. Truly excellent, Ming. I intend to spend some time on the oder articles today. Thanks you.

  8. Andrew McMaster says:

    Brilliant! This is a huge leap forward. Thanks for all the work. The site was already very useful, and this carries it to a new level.

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