Poll: 2013 workshop locations

I’ve been getting increasing numbers of emails asking me to do workshops in various places next year – to gauge interest in the various options, I’ve decided to open it out to the floor. To make a workshop viable, I need at least four photographers, but a maximum of six; I don’t do large groups because you simply can’t get as much out of it as a participant. (Not to mention that some things like travel and street photography simply do NOT work in herds).

A typical workshop schedule runs for three days and goes as follows:

Day 1: Portfolio review and group discussion of images in the morning; some creative back-and-forth between participants as to which of the others’ images work and which don’t; if there are any particular topics or locations that they would like to cover. Afternoon, evening – shooting. Continuous feedback throughout – the joys of digital make teaching and learning much easier. Late night debrief on the day’s images, and shooting the breeze about photography, usually over drinks or a cigar.

Day 2: More shooting; usually a mini-assignment for each participant to help them focus on their opportunities identified during the first day. Sometimes, an excursion. Late night debrief as usual.

Day 3: Review and critiques in the morning; the process of editing; how to know which images are the ones to work on. Late morning: intro to Photoshop and a walkthrough of my workflow with live demos on the images I shot during Day 1 and Day 2. Afternoon: individual Photoshop help as participants work through their own images. A mini processing-challenge: everybody gets the same file, but what will you do with it? There is no absolute right or wrong answer, and it’s always good to see different creative interpretations. Day 3 usually runs late into the night.

Optional: Depending on the location, I may stay a bit longer to shoot personal creative assignments or stock images; I’ll usually take one, or at most two, participants to shadow me. There is much less teaching here, but this is also reflected in the fees.

Please vote for one of the choices below only if you’d like to attend one of my workshops. Multiple answers are allowed (no reason why you can’t come to more than one!) No need to answer if you’re happy with the internet only 🙂

Thanks! MT


  1. Ishtar in NJ says:

    Hi Ming —

    I would love to attend your workshop if you come to NYC.

  2. Hi Ming! You should come to San Francisco…

    Anyway, when are you going to review the newly annouced D600? Waiting for your review before I make a purchase since you do your reviews extensively.

  3. Thanks for the post. And thank you for the exceptional articles — this site is definitely (along with sites like Luminous Landscape) the site for the thinking photographer who realizes his best gear — a thoughtful mindset and an inspired eye that sees art in the things that others overlook — doesn’t cost a dime.

  4. You should come to US and Canada over 2 weeks or so do some combination of HI, LA, SF, Chicago, NY, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver and maybe somewhere in the southern US too.

  5. I left this comment in the poll but I’ll add it here. You should come to US and Canada do some combination of HI, LA, SF, Chicago, NY, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver and maybe somewhere in the southern US too.

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