POTD: Magritte Strikes Again

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Magritte Strikes Again in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Nikon D800, 28-300VR

Amidst all of the chaos and panic claiming serious ‘issues’ with the new Nikon D800 (see my previous post) – I think it is important for the photographer to serenely rise above the noise (no pun intended) and remember that ultimately, the camera is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. It enables you or gets in your way. All I can say is that from this image alone, the D800 is capable of delivering some of the most accurate color I’ve ever seen. Normally I’d struggle to get the blue right and maintain the rest of the gamut – not so here. The D800 did it effortlessly, with a lens that isn’t known for the accuracy of its color transmission. I really need to get more Zeiss glass in front of this sensor. MT


  1. Very true. I believe there ha been so much anticipation for this camera that any little glitch is viewed by some as a major disappointment. Add to that the fact people are waking up to the fact this is not an all purpose camera and disappointment becomes frustration. The D700 went up in price by $500 at Amazon US in the last few days. If Nikon stops offering it new I would not be surprised to see it sell for more than the D800.

    • I don’t think the prices will get that upset. However, isn’t it odd that nobody complains that $30,000 MF digital cameras can’t do AF tracking to save their lives? Or have utterly useless screens? Or…the list goes on. I think expectations need to be managed: we’re in a different zone of performance here, and there are always going to be compromises. The fact that there are this few is impressive.

      • Agreed. Not that long ago we had no live preview and had to wait days for a roll of film to be ready. Creating great photos will always require effort, both during and after the shoot. It’s truly come a long way.

        • I think the biggest advantage of digital is instant feedback – not all of the other stuff. The ability to correct something on the spot – in effect, get a second chance – does more to improve the strength of a photograph than anything else.


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