Help me out…

Firstly, thanks for supporting my site – be it a visit, a like, a comment, or a share. Please continue to do so – bookmark and visit regularly (I’m aiming for daily content updates) and email it to your other photography friends, on your Facebook walls, and anywhere else. You’ll notice there isn’t any advertising – that’s because this site is entirely supported by me. It takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work to shoot and write, so please let me know it’s worth it by coming back. This is just the beginning, and I’ve got much more planned in future – stay tuned! MT


  1. Hhhm, i’ve been searching for you too. Can’t seem to find a solution. Perhaps you can raise it as a bug ticket with WP?

  2. Suggest adding a Google +1 button somewhere. All the cool photogs hang out either at G+ or Flickr, and since you can’t do much wish social sharing from blogs to Flickr, G+ is the only other option. I cut and paste the URL of your blog into G+ but a +1 button would make sharing much easier.

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