Making space in the camera cupboard…sale time!

I seem to have reverted back to my natural 28/85mm habitat, and various projects are complete, which means that a few things need to go:

1. Mint condition Leica 35/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH FLE (latest version with the screw on square hood, 6 bit coded). Glass is perfect and focusing is buttery smooth. I’m just not a 35mm person; I’ve since reverted to my natural 28mm habitat.
US$5500 net to me via wire or 3% for paypal. Shipping via courier only, I’m guessing US$150 should cover it anywhere in the world.

Samples from this lens and an M9-P here

_5004802 copy

_5004828 copy

_5004832 copy

2. Excellent condition Leitz Bellows II plus original bellows mount, and bellows mount to M mount adaptor (16596/ UOOND).
US$150 plus shipping.

_5004824 copy

_5004818 copy

3. Visoflex III, good condition (some paint loss on housing, visible in photos). Mirror alignment has been adjusted so focus in the finder matches the sensor plane of the M9 perfectly. Fits M8/M9.
US$230 plus shipping.

_5004812 copy

_5004816 copy

Take both the Bellows II and Visoflex III for US$330 plus shipping. I shot this watch photography project with the exact same equipment for sale.

If you’re interested in any of these items, please feel free to make me an offer or send me an email – mingthein(at)

Thanks! MT

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