Buy a critique

If you have an image you’d like to get personal and objective feedback, an opinion or a critique on – in the same style as the Email School, and the thoughts I provide on competition winners, then here’s the place to get it: I’m going to keep things simple and say one for $15. To submit, hit the button below and email over the link to your image in the comment box when checking out:

Once your image is in, I’ll get back to you within a day, though time differences may sometimes make that two.


  • I’m looking for the things that make an outstanding image, primarily quality of light, definition of subject, and compositional balance. An image is a success if it has all of those three things and the fourth – the idea – I need to be able to see what you saw when you hit the shutter.
  • I will be brutal, but objective: if I’m not, the critique won’t be of any value to you.
  • Remember that it’s still an opinion: photography is art, and art is subjective.

Here’s an example of what you can expect, with thanks to Angsar Trimborn for permission:

Hanging in there

Hi Angsar,

Nice capture! I like the side lighting that highlights the profile of the pilot and the shape of the parachute, though it appears there’s an uneven dark streak running through the middle of it (too much dodging perhaps?). The background to the image is very simple, which makes it easy to pick out your subject. I’m in two minds whether cutting off the edge of the parachute is a good thing or not: on one hand, it creates an ‘entrance’ to the frame and a natural leading line to the man, on the other, it feels a little imbalanced because all of the textural interest in the frame happens in the upper right half – the bottom left is a bit featureless and flat. Visually, it’s much heavier and doesn’t balance out the other side; perhaps dodging this bit would help – or using a gradient in ACR from bottom left to about halfway to lighten that portion slightly. You got three out of the four – composition is the missing bit.



  1. Include me in for micro consultations.

    what a great concept. (as long as you promise to be ruthless!!)


  2. Buying a critique sounds like a good offer and I am sure I will make use of it.

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