Year end garage sale – final item!

I admit there may be some surprises here, but utilisation info doesn’t lie…so, in my ongoing tradition of efficiency and this site, I am passing on the bargains to you. All items except the KEFs have the original boxes and packaging; everything will be sent insured via DHL courier and this is included in the prices. Any of you who’ve bought gear from me before will know that it’s been well taken care of, and pristine. First come first served, please use the links to purchase and note I’ll need a phone number for DHL. If you have any questions, I’m reachable here. Also, if you are based in Kuala Lumpur and would prefer to transact via bank transfer/ local delivery, I’m happy to discount out the paypal and FX fees – please send me an email. Here goes…

_Z731090 copy

Sony RX0 Mark II US$500 REDUCED
Includes additional original battery. ‘Shutter’ count below 4,000, though academic as this has an electronic shutter. Cosmetic condition as new, and still under warranty. Read my review here; purchase here.

_Z731087 copy

Nikon D850 + accessory package SOLD
D850 body, under 30,000 shutter count. Includes two extra original Nikon batteries, RRS L bracket, micro prism focusing screen (the mirror has been shimmed and zero-adjusted for manual focus), tempered glass LCD protector fitted. Taped logos can be removed or not as you prefer. Cosmetic condition as new. Click here to purchase.

_Z731088 copy

Nikon D3500 two lens kit SOLD
D3500 body, approx. 5,000 shutter count. Note: both lenses are VR versions, not the cheaper non-VR kit. Includes AF-P 18-55/3.5-5.6 DX VR and AF-P 70-300/4.6-5.3 DX VR. Cosmetic condition as new. Click here to purchase

_Z731093 copy

Beyerdynamic/ Astell & Kern AK T8iE Mark II headphones Sold
Probably the most coherent yet tonally well-extended pair of IEMs I’ve used, thanks to a single large Tesla-type driver. Includes bonus MEE audio bluetooth cable, which I think pairs well with the rich, warm sound signature of the headphones. I prefer over-ear cans as my ear canals won’t tolerate IEMs for very long these days. I could talk at length about these, but if you know, you know. Cosmetic condition as new, original silver cables included. Click here to purchase.

_Z731091 copy

KEF Porsche Design Space One Wireless SOLD
Noise cancelling, bluetooth or wired, incredible (practically, 30+ hours) battery life. A great pair for travel. But…when you have four other pairs, perhaps a little excessive. Click here to purchase.

That’s it for now, folks. I must really be more disciplined next year…MT


  1. How’s the XF10 treating you? I can see it survived the cull. I’ve been using an X-T20 as a compromise solution but find it too bothersome to carry primes, since I practically always want more then 1 focal length. Also considered buying another body for that purpose, but with 16/2.8 it’s just too heavy and expensive combination. XF10 *could* just fill that purpose (paired with 35/2 or 50/2 on the X-T20) since image settings etc can be synchronised.

    • Actually, it didn’t survive. It was snapped up by a friend before it was listed. I was both shocked and surprised the iPhone 11 Pro has a larger practical envelope…

    • Ok doesn’t sound like an endorsement 😀 I do 99% of my casual shooting on iPhone X but sometimes a few steps up in the format is needed. I’ll see what the rumoured Nikon high-end compact will look like… unless there’s a super discount on the XF10.

  2. Hi Ming, What Z DX pancake are you referring to? I tried the Z7 and 35/1.8s combo and enjoyed it but the large size of the native S lenses was a real turn off (even though they performed well). I think a Z7 with a native pancake, albeit slower, would be a huge winner for Nikon and can’t imagine why they haven’t done it from the get go.

    (I returned to my D850 with a pancake manual lens for a compact EDC camera. Actually easier for me to carry since the lens doesn’t bump into things and the camera stays relatively close to my body.)

    • Bear in mind the native S lenses are generally smaller or similar in size to their F mount equivalents, whilst being in another league optically. The 50S and 85S are not that far off the Otuses – but look at the size delta there!

      I believe 28 and 40 pancakes are now on the roadmap (yay!) but the one I’m using is heresy and will likely get me burned at the tripod – the 16-50 DX. Yes, I know I only have 20MP, but when they’re extremely high quality right out to the edges and the whole thing packs about the same size as a DX body only – why not?

  3. With your D850 essentially gone, I imagine this means the days of your Otus’s and Voigtlander, are numbered? 😱

  4. “Z DX pancake?”

  5. Mike Gannon says:

    Are you getting ready for the sales of the hasselblads

  6. Does this year’s garage sale mean we can finally say; “the DSLR is officially DEAD here at MT”? 😉

  7. Why you sell them? Not enjoying D3500?

    • Redundant, using the Z DX pancake on the Z7 – it packs smaller, has higher pixel quality, better optics, better stabilisation, better handling etc. (Admittedly, unfair given the enormous price difference, but since I already have the Z7…why not?)

  8. jean pierre (pete) guaron says:

    LOL – I wish I’d met you earlier – the D850 looks like a great “buy”, but I can’t possibly justify having two of them!

  9. Derrick Pang says:

    You can’t stop buying gadgets! 😂

    On Sat, Nov 30, 2019, 11:00 Ming Thein | Photographer wrote:

    > Ming Thein posted: “I admit there may be some surprises here, but > utilisation info doesn’t lie…so, in my ongoing tradition of efficiency > and this site, I am passing on the bargains to you. All items except the > KEFs have the original boxes and packaging; everything will be ” >

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