One place left for the March 2015 Prague masterclass

_5030307 copy


Prague, Czech Republic, 9-14 March 2015 (best suited to urban, architecture and street)
Duration: 6 days, four practical and two classroom
Tuition cost: US$2,300; $2,600 special bundle including Outstanding Images Ep. 1-5 and Intro to PS Workflow
(required, but most participants usually have some or all of these already)

Want to be challenged? Inspired? Push yourself to take your images to the next level? The Masterclasses are aimed squarely at you. They are for the photographer who already understands the fundamentals and is looking at developing their own style, evolving creatively and spending some time with like-minded individuals. The aim is no longer about building core fundamentals by exercises, but to work on vision, the ability to assess and curate one’s work, application of style, postprocessing, and being able to put together a coherent set of images to an objective.

Click here for detailed information, and to book. Testimonials from prior workshops are here. Thanks and see you in Prague! MT


  1. Hi Ming, I hope you will have some nice weather in March. I guess you would love the misty afternoon yesterday. I made these pictures just on a short walk with my wife and daughter:

  2. Hello,

    Do you need or want a behind the scenes video shooter and editor? I could be an assistant if you need one as well.

    Would be a great opportunity for me.


    Cary Hubbs
    +420 608 505 778

  3. Schmalfilms says:

    While you’re here in Europe, you could pick-up the Shift & Tilt lens directly from Marek Wiese at Hamburg. That would be much more practical, as sending it! Furthermore, the City of Hamburg has so much to offer, it would also be worth, to look into it! Hamburg is the No. 1 city in Germany, and also worth to hold an Masterclass there!

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


    • Unfortunately my time is pretty tight on this trip – I have to be back for another engagement straight afterwards. Last time I advertised workshops in Germany there were no takers…

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