Jan 2015 garage sale: there’s a lot of interesting stuff here…(all gone!)

jan15 garage sale 2

I somehow managed to acquire a lot of gear during 2014. I suppose it’s something that happens to us all on a fairly regular basis; but there needs to be some rationalisation for a couple of reasons: firstly, I’ve got the hypothetical too many ways to get to Rome, but more importantly, we need to buy a house in the very near future. Sadly, since money is not an infinite resource, I have to prioritise and many things will have to go. That means you, my dear readers, will be the first to benefit. As with all lenses and bodies, you stand to gain not just the effort spent in hunting, but the effort spent in finding and QC’ing a good copy – sample variation does make a significant difference, and if I’m going to use it for my own work, I’m going to spend quite a lot of time making sure it delivers the results I expect. These lenses/bodies are all good copies.

As usual, first (payment) come, first served. Shipping is not included and will of course depend on your location, but I will only use an insured courier. PayPal is fine, but for items over $2,000, I will need a bank transfer as I land up taking a huge 8-9% hit after fees and exchange rates. Images were all shot recently and reflect current condition of equipment; no retouching has been done – visible white dots are dust, and watermarks are because I’ve had far too many equipment images stolen in the past. Black tape is because I like my cameras that way, and of course leaves no marks. If you’d like to buy something, please send me an email…

Update, 17 Jan: All gone – thanks everybody!

IMG_6800b copy

1. Fuji X-T1, XF 18/2 R and Kipon Leica M to Fuji X adaptor
Price: Sold

Condition: Virtually new; B&H lists this combination at ~$1,800. Boxed, complete with everything. Unregistered (warranty intact). My loss is your gain.
Notes: After three weeks of daily use, I’m honestly just not connecting with the camera. I suspect it’s because the mechanical dials run backwards compared to my Nikons and you obviously can’t reverse that or correct a decade of muscle memory…

_8057855 copy
2. Zeiss ZF.2 2.1/21 Distagon
Price: Sold

Condition: Mint-, boxed, complete with hood and papers. Bit of wear on the mount.
Notes: A fantastic ultra wide for SLRs and DSLRs, but I tend to almost always use the 24 PCE because of the movements.

_8057846-8 copy
3. Hasselblad Zeiss FE 2/110 Planar
Price: Sold

Condition: EX+ to Mint-. A couple of small paint marks, optics are perfect, focus ring is silky and damped with no play. This is probably the only one you’ll see in this condition at this price. White stuff visible around the rear mount squircle are small bits of fluff that got stuck to the internal flocking.
Notes: This lens is pretty rare and was originally for the 200-series Hasseblads with FP shutters; it’s known as the Noctilux of medium format. The lens has an image circle that will of course cover 6×6. I’ve been using this on the 645Z with an adaptor. What a combination – if you’ve wanted Zeiss pop and microcontrast with that 51MP sensor, this is it. Will also of course mount to just about anything else thanks to Hasselblad’s extremely long flange distance and large image circle. Includes a B70-77mm adaptor for ease of use with filters.

_8057860 copy
4. Nikon F6
Price: Sold

Condition: Mint-, boxed. Has everything except the neck strap (can’t seem to find it).
Notes: A wonderful camera and a historic piece – last of the single digit film Fs. I don’t shoot 35mm film that much these days, and honestly, I’m still keeping the F2 Titan. Best to let somebody else enjoy it, so I’m passing it on for what I paid from the original owner.

5. (New addition, 14 Jan) – Nikon D750 body
Price: Sold

Condition: Mint-, boxed, still very much under warranty. Needless to say complete with everything. About 3,500 exposures.
Notes: A wonderful camera, but during the rationalisation process I realised I’ve got a total of 4 F-Mount DSLRs, and this is just one too many…

6. Zeiss ZF.2 2/28 Distagon ‘Hollywood’
Price: Sold

Condition: Mint-, boxed, complete with hood and papers. Bit of wear on the mount.
Notes: I realize I have not used this lens in nearly two years, which makes me sad. I can’t say why that is, other than it corresponds with my shooting 28-e on either larger (Hasselblad + 4/50 FLE, P645 + 35/3.5) or smaller (GR) formats. But it doesn’t deserve to sit in a cupboard, it should be used.

7. Billingham 555, tan/tan
Price: Sold

Condition: Ex
Notes: I bought it because it looked awesome. And because I forgot I have about a dozen other camera bags, which means it doesn’t get used that much. Also makes an excellent weekend bag.

8. Think Tank Airport International v1 (local collection in KL/PJ only; shipping is impractical) – on hold
Price: Sold

Condition: Ex/Ex-, might be missing a divider or two but all the major ones are present
Notes: I’ve got two of these, which is excessive (long story). But if you need to haul a lot of stuff in a bag that doesn’t look very big, here’s your ticket. Whether you can lift it or not is another thing entirely. Not practical to ship.

Images of equipment are recent and were shot specifically for this post. Happy to work out a deal if you take multiple items, or if you think my prices are way out of whack (though I did check before listing). Please send me an email…Thanks for looking! MT


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Images and content copyright Ming Thein | mingthein.com 2012 onwards. All rights reserved


  1. Not selling the Touit lenses?

  2. Ming, it was because of your reviews and images that I got an Olympus OMD EM5 a year ago. You mention on your site that the olympus does not have the quality to hold up to the size of your prints– I am curious how big you print. I have had a big learning curve with the menus etc–lens I have are the 14-45 lumix , 60 macro , and in search of a telephoto zoom. If you had the OMD–what 3 lenses would be your top 3?
    I like to shoot a wide range of subjects but always come back to shooting flowers.

    thank you for your time, expertise and inspiration.

  3. The recommended gear list will soon get an newly update too…..anything left ;)???

    • Yes and no; just because I don’t own it doesn’t mean it’s not recommended – a tool can be a good tool but not suitable for your purposes…a dentist doesn’t need a backhoe, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless 🙂

  4. Jackson Jones says:

    Wow….the X-T1 bit the dust awful fast. I was pretty surprised you ended up buying a Fuji but figured that you’d at least catch a break from being beaten up by the Fujihadeen. Now you are really going to catch some heat.

    I guess you should wait more than 3 weeks of owning gear to write a post praising it.

    • Nothing wrong with the camera. I just don’t get along with it. It’s subjective and borderline contradictory, but I stand by that – it’s still a good camera, just not for me. And I’m paying the $500 tax for the mistake.

      • Jackson Jones says:

        Yeah, pretty much all cameras today qualify as good. You must have been pretty high on the camera early because your blog post was quite effusive about it. That’s why it is a fairly big surprise to read just a very short time later that it’s already up for sale with you ready to take a $500 loss! That’s not chump change.

        BTW, charging for Paypal fees is expressly forbidden in the Paypal user agreement. I’d be careful posting your add stating +3% for fees. It would not surprise me if Paypal ended up finding this and decide to make an example out of this behavior. You’re pretty high profile and you know how corporates are.

        • Oh well, I might as well remove it since I haven’t charged any anyway.

          It’s also criminal to take 4.5% in fees then a further 6% in FX spread, but hey…I suppose when you’re big you can get away with screwing the little guy.

  5. Did the lack of half-press AFL bother you with X-T1? That completely ruined XQ1 for me, but it does not have a separate AFL/AEL button (nice design choice, Fuji…)

  6. starwolfy says:

    Hello Ming !
    Just a question: Have you abandoned Leica system forever ?
    Best Regards,

    • I continually reassess my requirements and only keep equipment that suits…there’s no point in doing otherwise. It’s a waste of money and the results will be compromised.

  7. Can’t believe you are selling the 28mm F2. It was your review that “made” me buy it 😉 . Having said that, I’m still grateful I did buy it

    • I admit to having some serious emotional attachment to this lens, but the reality is that I hardly use it. So…somebody else should enjoy it 🙂

      • Agreed – I wish I could detach myself from my attachment to some of my gear for similar reasons. Good luck. Someone will get a bargain with that F6 too… 🙂

  8. plevyadophy says:

    Hi Ming.

    Re MF “Noctilux”

    I can’t recall, is there a way of getting use out of it on a 500 series cam?

  9. Hi Ming. What kind of backdrop do you use for your close-up product shots?

  10. Hi Ming,

    will you soon dumb the fuji x100t (35mm FL not your preferred 28) as well? Will you write some sentences in a short “kind of five minute paper” about your recent experiences/your thoughts with the fujis/zeiss touit lenses in comparison to Nikons DSLR (e.g. D750)?

    THX! Keep going!

  11. Hi Ming. When you were purchasing the X-T1, you mentioned the a6000 but that you were turned off by the haptics. Given your preference for Zeiss lenses, I was wondering if you would be reconsidering the a6000. FWIW, I had been a Nikon and Olympus MFT shooter, and I’ve been able to customize the a6000 settings to the point where they work well for me. I’m wondering if there’s a way to customize the a6000 so they it works well for you too.

  12. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Are you still using the Olympus system, Ming?

  13. stanis riccadonna zolczynski says:

    Happy to read that you havn`t lost the faith in your GR.

  14. Hi Ming

    I am interested with the XT-1. Is it still available.

    You may message me through Whatsapp.


  15. That X-T1 is so tempting…

  16. erikjohansson says:

    A house? Is there a Mini-Ming on the way? You’ll need a fast-focusing camera to replace the X-T1 with for the little one 😉

  17. Hakan Lindgren says:

    Guess we’ll have to wait forever for that X-T1 review now … 🙂

  18. These goodies go fast! My wallet is safe 🙂

  19. Koryun Muradyan says:

    Hi Ming
    Does X-T1 + 18mm f/2 R combo works well in plan of focusing ?
    I mean is there any back/front focus problem in that combo ?
    I tried 2 copies of 18mm with my X-T1 any both had the same issues.
    Thank you

  20. Ahem, I was wondering, Ming, how long the X-T1 might last in your stable. After handling the E-M1, the X-T1 was a bit too retro for me, too. Although, I really liked the range-finder balancing with primes. A beautiful snapper that packs a lot of punch with the delicious rendering at the pixel level. Great for travel, street, portrait, and parts of landscapes that you can fill your frame with (larger shapes, less super-fine detail imagery). I can’t imagine a better person to purchase second-hand equipment from, Ming.

    Digression alert: I still haven’t replaced the beautiful Olympus. The Sony A7 Mark II was tempting, but I decided to invest my money elsewhere until Canon (or Olympus) release their full-frame mirrorless.

    BTW, do you remember our brief discussion in the comments of another article, about full-frame IBIS? Where I expressed my belief that someone could solve the 5-axis IBIS full-frame problem? I’m not going to say I told you so, ahem – because that would just be silly of me 🙂 but, I will express my sadness and say that it’s a pity it didn’t turn out to be Olympus that did it (introducing their entry into full-frame at the same time).

    I understand that people will say that they don’t have the traction in the market. But I think that in the long term they might have gained enough by doing so. Maybe we might still see an E-F1 version of the E-M1 sometime in the future.

    • Not long, honestly. For something fun…ergonomics are paramount, and there’s something that doesn’t sit right for me. As for FF IBIS – I’m very glad it’s been done; I didn’t see *Olympus* doing it because it just doesn’t fit with their strategy.

      • Christian says:

        Hi Ming, would you consider an A7 mk II with the Sony Zeiss 55mm? Its about the same size as the X-T1 and Sony are also releasing a 28mm f/2 lens soon. The only really annoying thing I’ve found is the lack of minimum shutter speed for auto-ISO.

        Only asking because I love the A7 mk 1 + 55mm combo, and would love to be inspired by your shots with it!

        • Considering, but the price of that combination puts it into ‘serious camera’ territory…

        • I’m currently evaluating an A7 II primarily for video, potentially to replace an E-M1. It’s really quite impressive, particularly the stabilisation. Also has a much better feel in hand than any previous Sony I’ve used. It feels like Sony received the feedback and responded to most of it.

          Biggest remaining gotcha is low light AF, but it’s not awful

          • I would try it somewhere first. Almost all reviews I’ve read so far mentioned that the IBIS of the A7 II is not as good as the one in the Olympus. My guess would be that the size and weight of a FF sensor makes it more difficult to be as effective.

            • All of the reviews seem to have been written with regard to firmware 1.00. Post firmware 1.10 i would say the IBIS is close to or the same as the E-M1

    • I can safely say that Olympus isn’t going to introduce a full frame camera. That market is far too crowded, full-frame sensors are expensive, they don’t have the cash to introduce a whole new mount and system … and their shareholders — who frankly would like to see Olympus get out of cameras altogether and just focus on medical instrumentation — would never tolerate it.

      Olympus’ strategy is to wait for a major step forward in sensor technology that will render going “bigger” not necessarily advantageous anymore. May take a little while, but that’s the bet they’ve made, IMO.

  21. Gear is a funny thing. All the specs and reviews in the world are second to actually holding and using the product. Which even then it may just end up sitting on a shelf if something better comes along.

    I myself am still interested in Fujifilm but after using the currently available gear. I just think they need more refinement especially in AF before I consider.

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