Now available: Making Outstanding Images Episode 4&5: Exploring Style!

I’m pleased to announce the final two videos in the Making Outstanding Images workshop series: Exploring Style and Processing for Style are now available for instant download!

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Coming soon: Making Outstanding Images Episodes 4&5: Exploring Style. Last call for HTS2/ Street 1 bundle

I’m pleased to announce the final two videos in the Making Outstanding Images workshop series are very nearly complete.

Style is a very complex subject that extends from the point of capture through post processing and eventually, output. We examine what style is; break it down into constituent quantitative components; look at four styles in detail, shoot live examples on location in Penang, Malaysia and then bring the whole thing back to the studio to complete the post processing. It’s more than six hours of video in total, spread over two episodes (you can buy the style portion and the post processing portions separately) and four parts. It is easily the most comprehensive, time consuming and extensive production we’ve done, so advance warning is necessary: it will cost a little bit more than the previous videos, but you get what you pay for :)

Both videos – Episodes 4 and 5 – will be available very soon from the online store.

This will also be the last few days to buy the Making Outstanding Images Ep. 2&3 bundle, and the How To See Ep2.: Tokyo & Street Photography 1 bundle at the special launch prices. Those are also available from the online store right now :)

Finally, some of you may have noticed we’ve also taken this opportunity to give the store UI a little refresh – the whole thing should be much easier to navigate now, and you can also see which videos we have in the works.

Thanks again for your support! MT

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Now available: How To See: Tokyo & Street Photography!

For your holiday viewing pleasure…I’m pleased to offer up the next two instalments in the workshop video series: How To See Ep2: Tokyo, and Street Photography Ep1.

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Coming *very* soon: How To See Ep2: Tokyo and Street Photography Ep1!

For your holiday viewing pleasure…I’m pleased to offer up the next two instalments in the workshop video series: How To See Ep2: Tokyo, and Street Photography Ep1.

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New videos: Outstanding Images Ep. 2 and 3!

video filmstrip

Making Outstanding Images Workshop videos Ep. 2 and 3 now available, including special bundles – click above to go to the Teaching Store. Trailers after the jump.

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New video workshops: How To See Ep1, and The Compact Camera Masterclass

Thanks to the fantastic response to the first two workshop videos – ‘The Fundamentals’ and ‘Making Outstanding Images: Episode One’, we’ve now produced two more – ‘How To See Ep1: Kuala Lumpur‘, and The Compact Camera Masterclass.

And of course I’m putting on special pricing for the launch month – see below for trailers and details!

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Coming soon, redux!

Two of the workshop videos we shot at the start of this month have now completed production and will be available very soon – by popular demand, “How To See, Episode 1: Kuala Lumpur”, and a after the break, a curveball: “The Compact Camera Masterclass”. Tomorrow we return to the regular business of reviews with the final instalment of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 trilogy – the 12-40/2.8.  Enjoy! MT

Edit: trailers have been updated with less noisy versions.

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A gentle reminder: last day for the introductory video offer…

Firstly, a huge thank you to everybody who’s purchased the two new workshop videos:
Ming Thein on Photography: The Fundamentals and
Making Outstanding Images, Episode One

I’m pleased to announce that we will definitely be continuing the series. Episodes two and three are in production now, along with ‘Learning to See: visualizing Kuala Lumpur’.

But, before we get that far – please note that today will be the last day for the introductory $100 offer for both videos (instead of $120) – after today, prices will return to normal. The offer ends once all the time zones clear midnight on the 1st of September. More details on the videos, including testimonials, are here.

UPDATE: It’s now 1 September everywhere, so the offer has now ended. Thank you for the support, and enjoy your videos! MT

Please note that due to special requests and PayPal/ correspondence email addresses differing, the download links are sent manually. I make every effort to send out your download link as soon as possible, but due to time differences there may be a delay of a few hours. Thanks for understanding!

Now available: the first two videos in the workshop series!

I’m pleased to announce the first two videos in the workshop series are now available for purchase! They join the existing trilogy of Photoshop processing videos – Introductory workflow, Intermediate workflow and workflow for the Leica M Monochrom. For those of you who can’t attend a workshop because of location, logistics or cost, or would like to cover one at your own pace, here’s your chance to get the next best thing. Click through for the details.

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Coming soon…

For those of you who would like to attend one of my workshops, but can’t for whatever reason – like me not being able to be everywhere, for instance :) I’m please to share a little teaser of something coming very soon that will make a lot of people happy…

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