Merry Christmas: a free How To See Ep.5, Havana, and a special HTS 1-4 bundle

Ming Thein’s How To See Ep. 5: Havana from Ming Thein on Vimeo.

Happy holidays! The traditional Christmas humour post will return in a couple of days, but in the meantime I’ve got a present for you all: a special edition of How To See – Ep.5: Havana, Cuba. Unlike the other videos, it’s a free, full episode in 720P HD (a little shorter at 1h than the usual 2h+ epics, and you may need to click through to Vimeo to get 720p because of the page width). Paypal won’t let us take payment for anything that’s Cuba-related, so we’ve decided to give it away instead for all of you to enjoy – perhaps something to watch in the afternoon once the presents are done and the post-lunch food coma has set in on the rest of the family…just hit the play link in the embedded video window above. If you did enjoy it, there’s always a handy donation link in the sidebar (but please don’t use the words ‘cuba’ or ‘havana’ anywhere :)

The How To See series is what a lot of people have asked me for in the past – the ability to look over my shoulder as I shoot to see what I notice and and how I compose when I’m in a given situation, of course with explanations. You can get a feeling of the ambient surroundings to get a sense of context, plus what’s outside the frame to understand the compositional choices I had  at the time. In addition, I talk about the structure and composition of each final image shown, what attracted me, what the the artistic, compositional and postprocessing considerations were, and what my thoughts were at the time of capture. It is a vicarious exploration through five exciting cities; a travel guide of sorts for photographers, and a personal masterclass in learning to see the unusual in the ordinary.

I’m also using this opportunity to put out a special How To See video bundle – travel vicariously for more than nine hours over the holiday season and get all episodes 1-4 covering Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Penang and Melbourne for $92 off at just $160 (regular price: $252). This offer is valid for a limited number of customers only, and is available right here from the teaching store. Trailers and testimonials for HTS 1-4 after the break.

Merry Christmas!

HTS xmas bundle

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Now available: How To See Ep.4: Melbourne!

Today I’m pleased to announce the latest episode in the How To See series of workshop videos: Ep.4, Melbourne, Australia. We actually filmed this back in April, but due to a large backlog of other work, didn’t have a chance to finish final grading and editing until recently…

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New workshop video: How To See, Ep.3: Penang now available!

It’s been a little while in the making, but we’re pleased to announce that How To See, Episode 3: Penang is now available!

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Now available: How To See: Tokyo & Street Photography!

For your holiday viewing pleasure…I’m pleased to offer up the next two instalments in the workshop video series: How To See Ep2: Tokyo, and Street Photography Ep1.

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Coming *very* soon: How To See Ep2: Tokyo and Street Photography Ep1!

For your holiday viewing pleasure…I’m pleased to offer up the next two instalments in the workshop video series: How To See Ep2: Tokyo, and Street Photography Ep1.

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How to see: tips for travel photographers

_G002994 copy
My first and probably only time in this location (Harborview Restaurant/pier, Manila, Philippines).

If you’re only going to be in a place once, how can you ensure that the images you get are unique and strong? Though it sounds a lot like the question of what makes an outstanding image, it’s really got a bit more of a travel bent to it. Though the macrolinear and causal nature of time (a topic for another article, if there ever was one) means that no single moment will ever be repeated again during our lifetimes, and thus every image will be unique – probable reality is that due to the difficulty in accessing the location again, we almost certainly won’t get the chance for a do-over. It’s not like shooting sunset in your own home town: pick a night, any night. So what can you do to increase your chances of coming away with images you’re happy with? Here’s my list of tips.

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New video workshops: How To See Ep1, and The Compact Camera Masterclass

Thanks to the fantastic response to the first two workshop videos – ‘The Fundamentals’ and ‘Making Outstanding Images: Episode One’, we’ve now produced two more – ‘How To See Ep1: Kuala Lumpur‘, and The Compact Camera Masterclass.

And of course I’m putting on special pricing for the launch month – see below for trailers and details!

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Coming soon, redux!

Two of the workshop videos we shot at the start of this month have now completed production and will be available very soon – by popular demand, “How To See, Episode 1: Kuala Lumpur”, and a after the break, a curveball: “The Compact Camera Masterclass”. Tomorrow we return to the regular business of reviews with the final instalment of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 trilogy – the 12-40/2.8.  Enjoy! MT

Edit: trailers have been updated with less noisy versions.

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