Photoessay: the clouds of Prague

_5029435 copy

I have a theory as to why we as a species seem to be universally attracted to things like clouds, fireworks, water, trees and flowers; that will be the subject of a much longer philosophical elucidation soon, but in the meantime, consider what all of these objects have in common. For today, just enjoy the clouds and their endless variety. :)

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Photoessay: A few cityscapes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pure-photoessays, so I thought I’d rectify that oversight today. This series of images is not so much a photoessay as perhaps a collection of cityscapes: I have to ask myself, does the photograph represent the feeling or emotion I get when I’m in that place, in that city? Some images cover a broader sweep, some are merely vignettes.

Shot over the year or so with a variety of cameras and lenses; EXIF data is intact on flickr if you click through the images and look at the right-hand panel. Enjoy! MT

_6002400 copy
Putrajaya, Malaysia

_6002066 copy
Putrajaya, Malaysia

_6000559b copy
Melaka, Malaysia

_M9P2_L1000409 copy
Hong Kong

_8001979 copy
Kuala Lumpur

_8017760 copy
Kuala Lumpur

_5003471 copy
Le Pont, Switzerland

_RX100_DSC2007b copy

A6557667 copy
Kuala Lumpur

_5000076 copy
Magritte in Kuala Lumpur

_RX100_DSC1836 copy
Kuala Lumpur

_M9P1_L1013156 copy

_VL30_L1000151b copy

_VL30_L1000228b copy


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POTD: Magritte Strikes Again

_8001440 copy
Magritte Strikes Again in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Nikon D800, 28-300VR

Amidst all of the chaos and panic claiming serious ‘issues’ with the new Nikon D800 (see my previous post) – I think it is important for the photographer to serenely rise above the noise (no pun intended) and remember that ultimately, the camera is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. It enables you or gets in your way. All I can say is that from this image alone, the D800 is capable of delivering some of the most accurate color I’ve ever seen. Normally I’d struggle to get the blue right and maintain the rest of the gamut – not so here. The D800 did it effortlessly, with a lens that isn’t known for the accuracy of its color transmission. I really need to get more Zeiss glass in front of this sensor. MT


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