One day left to enter the 2013 Maybank Photo Awards

A gentle reminder: there’s one day left to get your entries in for the 2013 Maybank Photo Awards; each photographer can have multiple entries per category, the prizes are sizeable and the head judge is yours truly, so if you haven’t entered – and are an ASEAN resident – then you probably should! MT

Submit your entries via the competition page here.


  1. I submitted 22 photos last week, several of which were accepted into your Flickr reader portfolio, and none have been shortlisted so far. Is there a backlog that the judges are still getting through or have they just not been shortlisted? Thanks, P

  2. hi, the website is very laggy all of sudden at the last few hours before deadline. it is smooth all the way before.

    • Email them directly, please. I am NOT technical support. It’s probably due to a lot of people submitting at the last minute. I did advise participants not to leave submissions until the very end for this reason.

      • Alpha_Tay says:

        oic, but, strange, it is back to smooth past midnight, i wonder would they accept submissions past midnight.

  3. Hi, when will be the final shortlist (1st round) to make it to the gallery because I keep seeing new photos being added daily after the closing ? I’ve uploaded mine about a week ago but unfortunately still haven’t shown in the gallery.

    • Shortlisting finished yesterday. There were >20,000 new entries added in the last twelve hours; you don’t seriously think it’s even physically possible to shortlist all of them instantly, do you?

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