Competition closed

Just an official note to say that the B&W challenge is now closed – thank you for all the entries, we’ve had a whopping 760 entries in total. This is going to be a long afternoon…results will be posted in the next week. Although the flickr pool is now closed for submissions, you can still view all the entries. Thanks for participating! MT


  1. Here is a link to the pool – Some beautiful images in there and I have a few favorites.

  2. Thanks for the competition, it created one of the best collection of B&W shots on flickr!
    It’s just great to just go through the pictures and enjoy them!

    i don’t envy you, having to decide … there are many gorgeous shots!

  3. Marco Sartori says:

    I entered just one photo, but I keep going back to look at the amazing photos posted. Amazing work, everyone!

  4. I just wanted to agree with the others and say that the standard of the entries is amazing! Well done to everyone who entered, we’re ALL winners!

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