Teaching update: Photoshop workflow DVD, August Email School intake

1. By popular demand…presenting Ming Thein’s Introduction to Photoshop Workflow DVD!

Thank you to everybody who participated in the earlier survey on whether a DVD covering my Photoshop workflow would be useful – it seems that nearly a thousand of you thought it would be, and that’s more than enough justification for me to produce one. I’m just sorry it’s taken this long – commercial work and everything else gets in the way…

However, I’m pleased to announce that the DVD is finally complete and available for sale; it covers:

  • A basic explanation of the working environment of Bridge and Photoshop, following CS5.5 (CS3,4, 5 and 6 are similar; I don’t use any tools here that aren’t available in the other versions, so it’s a very flexible workflow)
  • A runthrough of the functions of Camera Raw
  • My personal workflow – if you’ve ever wondered what my postprocessing process is, or how I get the style and look you see on the site and in my commercial work, this is for you.
  • Several end to end processing examples – I’ve picked a number of files that I’d consider difficult or processing-intensive to use as step by step walkthroughs.
  • The Camera Raw portion – where about half the work is done – also applies to Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, too. The buttons may be different, but the fundamental principles of tools don’t change between software – dodge is dodge, burn is burn, and curves are curves.

Total runtime is about 1h 15min.

Checkout now via PayPal

This will be the first in a series of many DVDs in which I’ll spend more time detailing and explaining the various functions of Photoshop and their application to photographers, but it makes the ideal starting point for anybody who would like to get started in serious postprocessing, or perhaps are wondering why their images lack that punch and sparkle.

Please note – for KL residents, happy to do MEPS – please send me an email to make arrangements.

2. Email School of Photography August intake

I’ve now cleared the pipeline somewhat, which means I can take on a fresh batch of students for my Email School of Photography – more details here. It’s a unique, fully-customized correspondence course tailored to your skill level and photographic objectives – learn what you want to learn, at your convenience. So for all of you who were on the fence, now’s the time to sign up.

The course is just US$800 for ten sessions including a detailed portfolio review; once again payable via paypal to mingthein2(at)gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for your support – all these little things help me keep producing content and keep this site running. MT


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  1. I truly and unfortunately have to say, that I’m very disappointed by this workflow tutorial. I’m a long term reader and admirer of your work and I thought I’d give one of your post-processing videos a try, because that’s where I have most of my difficulties in my whole process from taking to printing.
    If you start from scratch, I highly recommend this video, not only because it’s good structured and easy to understand, I really like your way of purism. But for me, actually I was afraid of this before – there was almost nothing new. Maybe the procedure on sharpening was interesting. But then, 60$ for a lesson of sharpening – a little much for me. If you’re a long time photographer and know the basics of PS and don’t like art-filters or anything in that corner, maybe go look on a more intermediate lesson. Like you could have imagined, also in photography everybody here puts his pants on the same way.

    Best regards

    • Thanks for your feedback. This is why the video is called INTRODUCTION to PS workflow. However, since you aren’t getting the same results as me, this suggests that you might well have missed something because this is the exact workflow I use…

      • You don’t have to point out that I don’t get the same results like you. I never claimed that. Well, maybe my feedback was a bit harsh, because I am disappointed. I mean, when it comes to your workflow, there is so much more to consider – like evry kind of background knowledge you have and apply. But also your reply sounds a little rude to me. Well, makes it easier for me to decide wether I will make a purchase in the future again or not.


        • No, it’s the truth: you firstly misread the video description, which clearly stated INTRODUCTION. You yourself said “If you start from scratch, I highly recommend this video, not only because it’s good structured and easy to understand”.

          It’s also clearly stated that it’s MY workflow, which works for the type of files I put in. It’s also clearly stated PHOTOSHOP, which means that it isn’t the entire photographic process. I still stand by my first comment: the entirety of my core photoshop workflow is contained in that video, and application depends on circumstances and whatever information you put in. All of my photographic background knowledge cannot be contained in a 1h video; we’ve produced 30+ hours and it still doesn’t cover everything because there are so many different shooting situations. I still stand by the product and honestly say that I use that PS workflow to produce all of the images you see here, with some minor modifications for version changes. I really don’t understand what else you expect me to do…

  2. Outstanding video, I especially love the insight on sharpening. I would love a small update on CS6, if you ever get a chance, especially ACR…

    • Thanks Toby. I honestly didn’t see anything extra in CS6 that would change the workflow, hence lack of an update…in the end I didn’t bother upgrading myself, either.

  3. Ming,
    I received your PS workflow dvd a few days ago and have enjoyed it very much. Though not familiar with Photoshop I look forward to trying out the many techniques you discussed and feel confident it will start me on the right path as I step into the often confusing world of post-processing.
    Thanks again,

  4. Hello Ming,

    I have a proposal – what about making the Photoshop workflow DVD available for download (of course paid download)

    Btw. thank you for your brilliant site! Big compliment for your work!

    Greetings from Vienna,


  5. Ming,

    After receiving your DVD I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6, never having seen it, camera raw or bridge before. I would not have believed it possible, but thanks to your great instruction on your DVD, I worked my way through bridge, camera raw and successfully processed photos in Photoshop CS6 in just one day and i keep going back to your DVD to learn more. I can’t thank you enough.

    You mentioned in the DVD the importance of using a tablet for post-processing work. Could you recommend. a tablet which would work with my Mac PC and Mac version of Adobe PS CS6? And could you point me towards anything you may have written about using a tablet if you have done that?

    Thank you again,

    • Awesome! Great to hear.

      I use a Wacom Intuos4, which has since been replaced by the 5 – not much to say about the tablets other than a) they’re pressure and tilt sensitive, and b) map 1:1 to the proportions of your screen. Once you train your muscle memory, they’re a very fast way of working and give you fantastic control over your dodge and burn brushes.

  6. Hi Ming..I’m in Ipoh, how much would it cost in RM, postage inclusive, for the DVD to Ipoh Mali :) Perhaps can do an IBG?

  7. Siew Heng Keong says:

    Hi Ming
    Received the DVD with thanks.
    Just wonder at 0346 of the DVD, how can I get the Workflow Options appear ?

    Siew Heng Keong

  8. gwenhael appere says:

    Hello Ming,
    you may have been asked this already, but could you provide a downloadable file/zip instead of the physical DVD ?
    Thanks !

    • Sorry Gwen, it’s DVD only for now – the files are enormous as they’re both recorded at actual pixels and aimed at retaining as much of the original subtlety as possible.

  9. Hi Ming, Love your blog and just ordered the PS Workflow DVD. I’m still shoot jpgs but now that I have the wonderful EM5, I’m looking to take a step into the world of RAW and see what I can do with post-processing. Right now I think I am in the ‘b’ category but hopefully one day I will get to ‘c’ :)
    I really like the clean, uncluttered look of your images – not just IQ itself but concerning subject matter as well. It is a look I am very drawn too and appreciate. I think it must be is very hard to get just right but you do make it look easy.
    Thanks, Joey

    • Thanks for your support and compliments, Joey. Sent you a confirmation email. I think you’re going to find that there’s a huge amount of potential you’ve been missing :)

      Part of my stylistic approach is compositional – conscious exclusion of things that might be distracting to the frame, as well as selective inclusion of the things that matter – as well as postprocessing. So there are really two halves. Have a look at this article on what makes a good image if you haven’t already done so…

      • Along with many other articles, I have read the one you mentioned. That’s what I was referring to with the ‘b’ and ‘c’ comment :). I don’t know how you have the time to write so much on this site with everything else you do. It will keep me busy for a long time trying to delve into all the articles.

        I got your confirmation email and am looking forward to the DVD.
        Keep up the good work and thanks again.

        PS – For those who want to support your work you should put a link to your Blurb books. Unless you already have and I just haven’t found it yet, which is likely as there is a lot to take in here and I haven’t scraped the surface I think. How did those turn out and are you planning on doing any more?

        • Usual answer – not much sleep!

          As for Blurb, I don’t feel that they make sense commercially because they’re either affordable and too light to be taken seriously – simply not enough pages – or too expensive precisely because of the number of pages. And making $5 a book isn’t worth it because you’re simply not going to sell that many of them. I might do a very limited run in the future of a fixed theme, but not for now.

  10. Hi Ming,

    Am an ardent fan of your website, and am interested in the Photoshop workflow DVD. Understand that this is purely a Photoshop workflow-oriented DVD, but wonder if the techniques used would equally be applicable for a LR-only workflow?

    Understand that the Camera Raw bit would be universal in both LR and PS though. Thanks!

    • Thanks CK – yes, the ACR bit apples to all Adobe products that use it, but there are PS specific portions – dodge and burn, multiple curves etc that cannot be done with LR. There are workarounds, but they’re crude and do not allow for the same degree of control.

  11. Ming – I placed an order for your DVD by sending you a Paypal payment today. Looking forward to using the DVD. Thank you, Kim

  12. Ming, Of course I am interested in your workflow and everything you might do to a photo after the shot, however, I’m not a fan of Photoshop. I have Photoshop Elements, but have not really found a need to use it. I do everything in Lightroom 4.2 and do not see a need for Photoshop. Just wanted to know what the differences are and can everything be done in LR. Ken

    • The main things that are missing are full control over masks, dodge and burn brushes, layers, multiple curves and multi-pass sharpening. You don’t always need all of them, of course (and dodge and burn brushes are really the only critical ones).

      • If these tools, the expanded ones are so important to photo processing, then why would Adobe leave them out or give us watered down version? I know what you mean about the dodge brush, I really like using it to fix things that are not good once in a while. I have no ideal what the multi-pass sharpening would do to help things. I don’t like to over sharpen anything in post processing, that just leads to bad stuff IMO. I don’t do masking in LR, but that is possible with third-party add-ons. I just don’t want to be stuck using Photoshop for everything. The process would take forever given the amount of shots I work with. Next Question: Is Photoshop Elements sufficient for the type of things you are doing in your DVD? thanks, Ken

        • Hi Ken, the answer boils down to economics. Adobe charges $600 a pop for full fat PS because they can, and because if you use it for every single shot – as I do – the cost is amortised very quickly. I haven’t used elements in a while so I can’t say; but if it has layers, dodge and burn brushes and multiple curves, then yes. And the whole point of the DVD is to establish a workflow make the process as fast as possible – if I’m not having to do commercial grade retouching, I spend less than a minute on each image.

  13. Siew Heng Keong says:

    Hi Ming
    Just wonder when can I receive the DVD I ordered.
    You send by post or DHL ?

    Siew Heng Keong

  14. Just sent you money for a dvd. :)

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Ming,

    I found it!


  16. Hi Ming Thein,

    I’m currently residing in Singapore. May I know how long would be the delivery time? As I will be shifting to a new address in two weeks time.

    • Around a week for Singapore, but I can’t ship til I return from Tokyo later this week – suggest waiting a week to be safe, or shipping to your office perhaps?

      • Hi ming,

        Yeah probably my office address will be the best option to send ur DVD photoshop workflow.

        I managed to create my paypal account.
        I went to my Account:
        – then chose Send Money menu tab.
        – then go to personal payment

        However I did not see any comment box to fill in my name, purchase description (photoshop workflow dvd): my mailing address and contact number.
        I’m not sure whether I’m doing the right thing as this is my first time to purchase online using a paypal account.

        Thank you Ming!

  17. Hi Ming, can I check the postage to Singapore?

  18. Hi Ming! I just saw your “Photoshop workflow DVD” and it was really amazing! The resolution of the mov file (1440x900px) is very very good and your workflow both on color & b&w images is pretty impressive! Thanks a lot!

  19. Ming, I want to order the DVD but just need to check formats. You say the material is in QuickTime? I am an ignoramus about these things, but do know that the PAL system we use in SA is incompatible with the NTSC system used in the US. Does the fact that you use QuickTime mean that I do not have to worry about PAL compatibility?

    • No worries John, you put it in the computer and play the file from the DVD directly using Quicktime player – formats are not an issue. I’ve sent quite a few to South Africa :)

  20. djoko susanto says:

    Hi Ming,
    I had watched your your photoshop workflow dvd, it was shock me, much.
    I never thought, it was so easy techniques, but it’s awesome.
    I learned so many techniques in photoshop but never realized yours is the best and simple, great job Ming.

  21. Richard Stockton Dunlap says:

    Mr. Thein, I found your site while researching the Sony DSC RX100. I would like to thank you not only for your comprehensive review, which is most helpful, but also for your professional manner — clear, knowledgeable answers delivered in respectful, and at times even eloquent, prose. Such things seem to be disappearing, so I found this quite refreshing. I’ll check back after buying the RX100. Sincerely, RSD

    • Thanks Richard. I thought there was a bit of a gap (well, quite a huge one actually) in the internet sites – so I seek to fill it with this one. Don’t stay away too long, I update daily. :)

  22. The DVD sounds appealing but then I realise that I have long since given up on Photoshop and only have Lightroom. So not as interesting anymore. Still I might get it just to see you in action.

    Incidentally, I just watched the preview PS workflow video. I am a bit lost by comments like “the image looks a bit flat so I will add some …”. It sure would help to get some more illustration on where and why the image is looking flat to you since it might look great to someone else.

    • Actually, a good chunk of it is applicable because of ACR.

      As for things looking flat…lacking contrast, punch, tonal differentiation…I thought that was self-explanatory. It might not be the case because that video was shot with a camera on the screen rather than capture software (which I used for the DVD) – something might have gotten lost in the compression.

  23. Jorge Ledesma says:

    I’ll wait for the Lightroom 3 or 4 DVD :)

    • Won’t be doing one – Lightroom isn’t powerful enough for me, and it I just don’t have the one to learn a price of software I probably will never use. However, about half the work is done in ACR, which is common to PS, elements and LR.

  24. Koushik Radhakrishnan says:

    Ming just placed an order for this. Looking forward to this DVD. Thank You.

  25. Hi Ming,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the very informative DVD. I know photoshop pretty well, but you have taken the way I\’ll use it from now to another level. I was always scared of that Curves line as it seemed to be really sensitive and easily ruin my shots. Now from your DVD I know how to use it and have already transformed a few of my photos and they look so much better. Also your dodge, burn, sponge and sharpening tips were a revelation for me. I won\’t list all the things you went into, but suffice to say I\’m looking forward to going through my photos now and seeing the results.

    I hooked up my other laptop to my HD TV and watched it on that whilst I went along with you using my own photos. I found it a really useful way of learning. I\’m sure you will have a lot of happy people commenting here soon when their DVD arrives!

    Thanks Again,


  26. Hi Ming,

    I just wanted to say thanks for the very informative DVD. I know photoshop pretty well, but you have taken the way I’ll use it from now to another level. I was always scared of that Curves line as it seemed to be really sensitive and easily ruin my shots. Now from your DVD I know how to use it and have already transformed a few of my photos and they look so much better. Also your dodge, burn, sponge and sharpening tips were a revelation for me. I won’t list all the things you went into, but suffice to say I’m looking forward to going through my photos now and seeing the results. :)

    I hooked up my other laptop to my HD TV and watched it on that whilst I went along with you using my own photos. I found it a really useful way of learning. I’m sure you will have a lot of happy people commenting here soon when their DVD arrives! :)

    Thanks Again,


  27. Appears that the gift option is not available for our country. Just coursed it through normal payment using a different name that is supposedly to be ship to the Philippines.

  28. I’ve been meaning to buy this, but it appears the send payment as gift option of paypal is missing. is there any other option that could be chosen to avoid fees? sorry not really knowledgeable about paypal since i rarely use it.

    • Yes, there’s ‘personal payment’. Last mail run tomorrow morning before I go on vacation for a week, I’ll ship everything received up til that point – otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have to wait til about 26 August.

  29. Yes it does – end to end, from the raw files to the finished output, with several examples.

  30. waterplatform says:

    Hi Ming,
    Will the DVD explain in details on how you adjust the color, tonal curve, etc? Because I like the look and color of your pics (they are very consistent, even with different cameras), I want to know how to do it. Thanks!

  31. How about digital delivery? Just the files. Must be much less than encoding for a dvd? Maybe a dropbox share?

  32. Hi Ming,

    I will be placing the order for your PS workflow DVD. Concerning the Paypal payment, you recommend to send the money as a gift. I’m locarted in Germany and do not find the possibility to use this option. Is is ok to transfer the 60 USD with the normal paypal transfer?

    Looling forward to this very much, as I’m a big fan of your work!

    John from Germany (not far away from the Leica factory)

    • Hi John, try looking for ‘personal payment’, or if not, go ahead and use whatever works. Thanks for the support! Ming

    • Order placed on 9th August, delivery in Germany on 18th August, so 9 days, from KL to D, not bad!

      We are suffering heat at the moment here (36C), which is rather unusual, so I will de the review next week (or during the night)

      Regards from a tropical Germany


      • That was fast! I shipped the first batch on Aug 11, so transit time was actually 7 days. Let us know what you think – all feedback much appreciated in preparation for the next one.

  33. I’m anxious, just ordered mine!

  34. Hi Ming, thanks for putting this DVD together … based on your blog photos and writing, the content should be great !

    I have some questions:

    1. Do you make much use of PS actions in your workflow? For third-party actions (if any), do you describe how they behave? Or do you stay with the native / built-in features of ACR + PS ?

    2. I shoot RAW but use an old version of PS (CS3). I use the RAW converter from the camera maker to simply produce a 16 bit TIFF (with lower contrast, NR off, distortion correction applied + a few other minor tweaks). I then do 99% of my editing in CS3. Am I losing a lot of IQ / flexibility with this approach compared to using the latest ACR in a recent PS?

    3. (Follow on from question 2) By not using ACR, would I get less value from your DVD?

    Regards, Sven.

    • I think it’ll certainly be useful if you’ve ever wondered how I get from raw file to finished product you see here. To your questions:
      1. I stay with the native features of ACR/PS for the DVD, but I have some that I use in my workflow to speed things up – sharpening presets, resizing etc.
      2. Until about a year ago I was also still on CS3 because I didn’t want to change my workflow too much. I’d say 100% of the fundamentals in photoshop still apply regardless of the version; as for ACR, there are one or two new features – the most notable one for me being gradients – which help, but I think 80-90% of the workflow still applies. Some buttons may have moved in the meantime, though.
      3. Nope, see above. I changed some parts of my workflow to make the most of the newest available tools, but it’s backwards compatible because I still use CS3 on one of my other machines – licenses are just too darn expensive!


      • Thanks for that. Just to re-phrase Q2: I’ve never used ACR, so my path from RAW to PS is to convert the RAW to TIFF then edit the TIFF in PS. Would you say the resulting IQ of this approach is just as good as editing the RAW using the [latest] ACR/PS combo?

        • No. Not at all. When you open the raw in PS via ACR, it’s in an intermediate format (presumably photoshop) that preserves at least the same amount of information as TIFF, but what you lose out on is flexibility in the conversion process – there are some interpretations of the raw data here that cannot be done in PS destructively. A good example is color space – raw files are 12/14 bit, but we work in 8 or 16 – how does one allocate those bits?

  35. Sounds great! Looking forward to your DVD. Thanks, Ming

  36. Catherine says:

    I don’t have paypal and not in KL, any other way to make payment? Do you have that in USB format? Perhaps a download option instead of sending through post? Thanks!

    • Sure, Paypal actually takes credit cards even if you’re not a member. I could send it on a USB key but the cost would be higher; avoiding downloads for the time being, but I’m looking into several other options for future content delivery.

      • Catherine says:

        Mmmm… i looked into sending payment; Paypal defaults to create an account with said transaction, which am sorry to say am not comfortable with; any other way to send payment?

      • Catherine says:

        Hi, Ming
        reading up on Paypal payment options; it says there is “Buyers Can Check Out Without a PayPal Account”; To turn the feature on or off, simply log in to PayPal, go to Profile, click ‘Website Payment Preferences’ under the Selling Preferences column and tick the yes/no box under PayPal Account Optional.

        I don’t know if you have that in your account with them?

  37. Just ordered! Can’t wait to learn! How soon will the next DVD be out?

  38. Money sent!

    Thanks again for doing this and I look forward to more in the series. Have you considered offering a discount for a bulk buy if we buy a set/series?

  39. Wayne Zhang says:

    Hi Ming,
    Does the DVD cover the process as how to create the custom color profile to make photos from different cameras have the same look?

    • No, because this is an experiential thing which doesn’t have a set process per se; but I do explain how to create a custom batch of settings in ACR to apply as default or preset to future files.

  40. Paul Robinson says:

    I’ll definitely be ordering this, but would you consider also selling it on Udemy.com?


    There are other photographers, including David Nightingale, selling their training materials there and its a very convenient way to take a video course.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. Probably not, because my courses are either standardized product or 100% custom. Plus the 30% commission plus delayed payment isn’t exactly attractive…

  41. Just sent my order and payment via paypal for your Photoshop Workflow DVD and I look forward to using it!
    Thanks Ming Thein

  42. Koen Deschepper says:

    Is the dvd also useful for those who only use Adobe lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop Elements ?

    • I would say half of the work is done in ACR, which is common to LR and Elements; however, there are tools that are only available in Photoshop – so an honest answer would be ‘50% useful’ :)

  43. Will you do a teaser trailer on youtube? It may be good for further upcoming DVD promotions too :)

    • Probably not, because the low resolution version is really kinda useless – you can’t see a lot of the subtle differences. High resolution is just too much bandwidth, and the reason I’ve had to move this to a DVD format in the first place.

      I’m going to have to rely on all the testimonials as recommendations :)

  44. Hi Ming, i’m in KL near KLCC and i dont have paypal. Can we arrange COD instead ?

    • No problem – please send me an email (mingthein2(at)gmail.com) to arrange. I’m based in town near Pavilion. Price is RM160 at today’s exchange rates. Thanks!

  45. Looks great but I would love to see a few short clips to get an idea of what is on offer. Is that something you are planning?

    • I actually did a short video segment on B&W processing a couple of months back – http://blog.mingthein.com/2012/06/08/bw-workflow/

      The new video goes into far more detail, has more examples and of course has much better sound and video production quality.

      • Great thanks I’ll take a look

      • Great video and information but the low-res vid was just a pixellated blur on my 27″ iMac unfortunately.

        Couple of questions after checking out your video:

        1. Did you use screen casting software for the DVD this time?
        2. Are you putting a video file on the DVD that can be pulled off and played on my computer or did you burn the file to make a proper DVD meaning it will be lower res e.g. max 576?
        3. If it is a video file on the DVD is it 720 or 1080?

        Thanks Ming – didn’t realise you were Australian (or maybe Kiwi) either? :)

        • Unfortunately bandwidth, compression, youtube limitations etc make that format pointless – so I stopped doing it.

          1. Yes, this time it’s done with proper screen casting software and a mic.
          2, 3. It’s a quicktime format MOV that is burned to a DVD, not a DVD with 576px resolution. The video is 720P HD – my screen is 1440x900px, but I’m doing some last minute playing around now to see if I can get the cut version to output at 1:1.

          I grew up in Melbourne and Wellington but I’m Malaysian – so in some ways, a bit of both!

      • Karl Holm says:

        I take it this means that you also cover bw-conversion to some extent in this first DVD, or is this covered to a larger extent in the second DVD?


  46. Andrew Roman says:

    Are you sure $5.00 is a universal shipping & handling fee?
    Do you intend to offer a faster way of delivery? I’m pretty sure many of us would like to know.

    • Yes, that’s the flat rate for registered EMS. I can do fedex etc at cost, but it depends on where you live (or if you have a fedex account, give me the number and I can bill it directly – the DVD would be $50 then).

  47. Do you ship to Jakarta, Indonesia? How much the total?


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  2. […] the consummate student of this great craft, I purchased Ming Thein’s Introduction to Photoshop Workflow DVD($60). A review is forthcoming. Some of you out there may have had the same expectations as I had, […]

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