Photoessay: Life in Kathmandu, part 3

The final part of my ‘life in Kathmandu’ series. Shot in mid-2011 with a Nikon D700, 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 G. I think this set really epitomizes my ‘cinematic’ style of reportage. Enjoy! MT

_7031433 copy

_7031584 copy

_7032108 copy

_7032458 copy

_7032762 copy

_7035823 copy

_7032656 copy

_7030977 copy

_7030982 copy

_7030999 copy

_7031095 copy


  1. parameteres says:

    Amazing photos and great set! very drawn to nr. 2

  2. I am so attracted to your incredible work!

  3. That’s a really great set!

  4. Definitely no ‘near miss’ situation with this set and more of a natural feel to the shots. One thing I notice with a lot of these shots is the movement in the foreground with the main subject behind in focus. I like it – any reason why you get drawn to these type of shots?

    • Nope, I used the D700 – that thing almost reads your mind when it comes to focusing.

      No idea, I think it’s the subtle influence of cinema that caused me to try layering – I find it kind of gives the impression you are penetrating into the depths of the scene and ignoring the distractions…

  5. Excellent. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. Hi Ming, it were exactly your KTM photos that caught my attention on flickr last year and luckily got me to your blog eventually.
    I am impressed how you manage to show your subjects in such a natural manner. (without lacking technical execution)

    Also – since I do now know the proper term for that look ;-) – may I suggest to talk more about that ‘cinematic’ style of yours in an upcoming article…?

  7. Ming!
    Your pictures are beautiful,so full of life.
    Very professional, too. I wish that one day you may have photo class here in Miami!

  8. Very beautifully rendered. I really like your effects and colour tone, very inviting.

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